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What’s Happening at Tampa REIA

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Happening at Tampa REIA
Live In Person & Online Meetings
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Upcoming Events

Beginning Investors Group Online (BIGO)

  • Beginning Investors GroupDustin GriffinDon DeRosaChrissy Griffin

    Monday, October 18th @ 7PM (ONLINE WEBINAR): The Beginning Investors Group Online (BIGO) is now meeting ONLINE ONLY on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7PM on Zoom Webinar.

    This month’s topic will be “REI Deal Anatomy 101” with Don DeRosa, Christine Griffin & Dustin Griffin. Don says “You will learn the good, the bad and the ugly truth as we show you case studies, open up the numbers and show you how deals are actually structured.”

    BIG Onine Webinar Registration Instructions For Members & Guests

    Come join us to learn how to get your first deal or your next deal at the Beginning Investors Group Online!

  • Onsite Renovation GroupJim MieraTuesday, October 19th @ 1PM (Live at Job Site): Onsite Renovation Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at a different job site. This month we meet at 1021 East Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33605 with Jim Miera and Peter Agarwal. Save the date, bring your questions, bring your business cards and come join us to learn to renovate houses and network for big profits!

  • Beach REIAThursday, October 21st @ 6:30PM (LIVE in Madeira Beach): Beach REIA Investor Networking meets at Hooters Madeira Beach with your hosts Mark Lepzinski, Derick Outar & Dustin Griffin. 100 complimentary wings are available first come, first serve. Bring your deals, questions, flyers and business cards and come join us!

Creative Deal Structuring Workshop

Short-Term Rental Investors Group (STRONG)

Weekly Meetings
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ATTENTION: Tampa REIA Members & Non-Members, we just wanted to inform you that after 9 years, our membership dues are going up starting January 1, 2022. Join or renew Tampa REIA now to save $50/year.

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Membership Bonus: Join or renew your membership in the month of October and you can attend Don DeRosa’s upcoming Creative Deal Structuring Online Workshop on October 23rd at NO CHARGE (Regularly $99 for Non-Members).

Sat, October 23rd Online Workshop

Creative Deal Structuring Workshop

Creative Deal Structuring
How To Make the Most of the Upcoming Tsunami of Foreclosures
Learn How to Structure Creative Deals Like a BOSS
A Full Day Online Workshop
with Don DeRosa
Sat, Oct 23rd from 9AM-6PM on Zoom
Register for the Online Workshop Now

Don DeRosaWith housing inventory at an all time low, it has become increasingly more difficult to find deals. Notice I didn’t say GOOD deals, I said deals in general. If you are homeowner, in the market to buy a house, it can be a very frustrating task. Especially when it seems everyone is bidding on the same home and willing to pay ridiculous prices. It can be even worse if you don’t have the cash to compete with buyers that do. However, this is about to change. I am about to change your life and how you look at real estate deals forever.

Fortunes are NOT made when you buy in a SELLERS market. Fortunes are made when you buy in a BUYERS market and then, sell in a Sellers market. With the number of mortgage defaults at the highest level it’s been since 2008 the writing is on the wall. As an investor you need to be prepared. Prepared to take full advantage of the upcoming chaos that is about to happen. But, in order to take advantage of this chaos you must be armed with the proper tools and the exact steps to take before it hits. That is why I have created this brand new seminar on the how to handle this foreclosure tsunami like a BOSS.

While everyone is fighting over the small pool of retail buyers there is an entire segment of homes that will need solutions to their financial problems. These homes do not fit the normal mold of a good retail sale. They may possibly be over leveraged, need repairs and are in severe financial distress, which most retail homeowners won’t want to deal with or even know how, but are ideal for the smart educated creative investors. Time to elevate your game.

Register Now!

At this event you will learn:

  • How to buy real estate without using banks using creative techniques, even if you have no cred or cash
  • How to attract the most motivated sellers to call you
  • How to prescreen them like a Pro, so you don’t waste time on non-motivated sellers
  • What questions are the right ones to ask the Seller and which ones get you nowhere
  • How to evaluate COMPS, determine “After Repair Value” and calculate guaranteed profit
  • How to make sure you NAIL your repair cost in this rapidly rising lumber price market
  • How to formulate 3 different offers on every home you want to buy
  • How to get a wholesale profit of 5k or more, and keep the property for cash flow as well
  • What are the 11 creative BUYING strategies every investor must know, like “Sub To” wrap around mortgages, Sandwich Lease Options, etc…
  • Why someone will be glad to give you the deed to their home, in fact they may even pay you to take it off their hands (Yes this happens)
  • How to create three different pay days on every deal that you do. (Upfront, cash flow and backend)
  • How to match the BUYING strategies with the seven main SELLING strategies to make you recession proof.
  • Why the due on sale clause is not as important as you originally thought
  • And a whole lot more…

Once you learn these time tested strategies and techniques you will be able to take this market by storm and ride this massive wave straight to the bank.

Come join me Online on Saturday, October 23rd from 9am – 6pm

I look forward to seeing you all there. Register Now!

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