Creative Real Estate Exchangers

Peter Fortunato, Wayne Arnold & Jonathan HenrichThe Creative Real Estate Exchangers (CREE) is group of Real estate investors and exchangers who meet weekly with the sole purpose of exchanging ideas, inventory (real estate, cash, paper, vehicles and all kinds of goods, services and currency) and creating transactions that benefit everyone involved. In this type of setting, even the beginner can find a deal and make a creative transaction. It’s educational, informative, and a great experience for all investors. Everyone, no matter their skill level or situation, has the opportunity to be the catalyst in a transaction in this type of meeting.

The Creative Real Estate Exchangers is led by Wayne Arnold, Peter Fortunato and Jonathan Henrich. The group meets every Thursday at 9:00 AM (except major holidays) at the Denny’s Restaurant located at 4999 34th St N in Saint Petersburg, FL. There is currently no charge to attend the meeting.

Quick Facts About Creative Real Estate Exchangers