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Blue Hammock Investments, Inc.Blue Hammock Investments provides quality real estate solutions for buyers, sellers, lenders and investors, both locally and nationwide. We buy, sell, rehab, build new, rent, wholesale, and fund single family real estate projects. Multi-family and commercial properties are also considered for purchase or wholesale on a case-by-case basis.

Most of our investment activities are concentrated in Central Florida, Southern California and Central Arizona in active real estate markets such as Tampa Bay, Orlando, San Diego, and Phoenix. However, Blue Hammock Investments is prepared to work on real estate projects in any part of the country. To that end, we are constantly working to develop a nationwide network of relationships with other investors, real estate professionals, lenders, and building contractors.

Strategically, Blue Hammock Investments realizes the importance of keeping an eye toward the future by evaluating trends in local and national real estate markets, and by continually adding to our professional knowledge base. It is our goal at all times to position our resources to take best advantage of expected market changes and cycles. A reflection of this philosophy is our current activity in new construction. We will be building new, single family homes on vacant, developed lots in higher price point neighborhoods nationwide. In a future real estate market where the supply of foreclosed properties has been significantly reduced, this will allow us to continue “creating” inventory for sale while other investors compete for the few remaining foreclosure properties. We are actively evaluating vacant and infill lots for this purpose. Lots that we do not build on ourselves will be wholesaled to other investors or builders, or made available on the retail market.

An important activity of our business is marketing and advertising. Blue Hammock Investments takes advantage of mass media, targeted market lists, social media, SEO, and other methods of advertising to develop brand recognition, to locate suitable properties for rehab, rental or wholesale, and to find motivated sellers, buyers, and funding. As the real estate market changes, and as social media and legal environments morph, our marketing and advertising are continually updated to reflect those changes. This part of the business has become somewhat of a moving target.

Beyond the creativity required to transform a property in disrepair into a dream home for a new family, we also appreciate the ingenuity required to structure a deal that will be fair and fruitful for all parties involved. Blue Hammock Investments regularly enters into joint ventures with other investors and entities in order to complete a wide range of real estate projects. We have done everything from acting as Registered Agent and Power of Attorney for foreign entities doing business in our state, to funding deals and managing rehab projects. We will always find an honest, ethical, and legal way to address any challenge encountered on any project in which we participate.

Please visit us on our website, our Facebook page, and our YouTube channel. You can also connect with us via Twitter and LinkedIn. (Links provided on our directory page.) If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time. Blue Hammock Investments, Inc. looks forward to working with you in whatever segment of real estate you participate.

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