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Fund That FlipAt Fund That Flip provides fast, convenient, affordable capital for experienced real estate investors that buy and rehabilitate or build new residential properties. We’ve done thousands of deals and originated hundreds of millions of dollars in funding through our simple, transparent online application process. Leverage your experience and success to lower your cost of capital over time by gaining access to our large network of institutional and individual high-net-worth investors. You deal directly with us, getting your deal funded in as few as 5-7 days.

It is our objective to help our experienced borrowers maximize returns on their cash investment while increasing their ability to do more projects. We do so by offering high leverage, affordable rates, and fast access to capital. We seek to be your lending partner by understanding your business objectives and aligning our capital with your goals.

Our story? As investors in real estate ourselves, raising capital was always the biggest challenge. We wanted fast access to capital without giving equity and without the hassle of slow painful applications. So, we created a lending platform that solves all the problems we experienced over the years. Our crowdsourcing platform allows us access to vast amounts of capital from both private and institutional sources which in turn has enabled us to provide flexibility, speed and ease of access to our borrowers.

See how we simplified real estate loans at, or better yet, contact Nils Langenhagen via phone/text at (239) 537-5418 or via email at

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