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The Profit April 2015 Edition

Posted on April 7, 2015 by
The Profit Newsletter for Tampa REIA April 2015
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Sat, April 11th at 10AM @ Doubletree Suites Tampa Bay
Tampa REIA – April 11th
at the Doubletree Suites Tampa Bay
How To Become a #1 Best Selling Author, Be Seen on the Hottest Media Outlets & Get the Instant Celebrity Status You Deserve!

FREE Meeting with Expert Marketer, T.C. Bradley


T.C. BradleyThis Saturday, April 11th from 10AM to Noon at the Doubletree Suites Tampa Bay located at 3050 North Rocky Point Dr West in Tampa, FL, come hear how you can become a Best Selling Author partnering with T.C. Bradley. There is NO CHARGE for this meeting and seating is very limited, so show up a few minutes early to secure a seat.

On this Saturday Morning, T.C. Bradley, Founder of InstantCelebrityStatus.com, will be sharing the details on how you become a Co-Author of a Best Selling Book within the next 60 days! That’s right, 60 days!

A Co-Author book is where you supply 1 chapter of a book and still enjoy the benefits of being a Co-Author of a Best Selling book, and ALL the benefits that come with that.

Best Selling AuthorBecoming a Published Author not only separates you from the “competition”, but becoming a Best Selling Author puts you in another Universe…

  • Clearly establishes your AUTHORITY and LEADERSHIP
  • Never compete on pricing again with your competition!
  • Charge higher fees!
  • Opens up speaking opportunities
  • Clients and prospective clients view you differently.
  • Media exposure possibilities increase.

“My media clients NEVER compete on price and always charge premium pricing for their services…people today want to do business with the LEADER the EXPERT AUTHORITY and that is what I deliver” ~ T.C. Bradley

Best Selling BookUse the Best Selling Book that you are a Co-Author of as the coolest business card on the planet! TC’s clients send their books to prospective clients for a HUGE impact! TC will also share how a ghost write can interview you and write your own chapter for you!

Please Note: Book space is limited and already filling up, and we have already had serval express an interest in participating, so you do not want to miss this meeting!

TC will also address how to be seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other big name authority media websites to further enhance your Leadership Credibility.

What some of T.C’s clients are saying:

“TC Bradley is a man of his word. When he says he will do something you, can mark his word, it will be done and done with the utmost highest level of integrity and professionalism. Working with TC during our most recent #1 Amazon Best Selling Book Campaign was an awesome experience. TC definitely operates on a very high level and expects every book he publishes to be a Best Seller because he is playing on the highest levels of perfection and really would not settle for less. There is no doubt that we will be doing many more books with TC and we have absolutely no hesitation in referring his services to anyone that wants to work with the best! Without a doubt, TC is a man of greatness that will bring out the greatness in all that work with him.” ~ Stephanie & Jon Iannotti, 2 time – Amazon #1 Best Selling Authors

“3 Words: This Guy Delivers. Whether it is creating a business website, promotional video, or making his client a best-selling author, T.C. Bradley will tell you what he is going to do for you and then he does it. I would recommend T.C.’s marketing services for any serious entrepreneur or business.” ~ Matthew Fitzharris, Attorney at The Law Offices of Matthew J. Fitzharris

“I have since traveled around the world doing seminars and billing 10 Million + per year average. In one seminar, attended by 240 people, I closed 1 Million Dollars in sales in one day, truly, earning the title, “The Million Dollar Closer!” This simply was not going to happen without T.C. Bradley’s intervention in my life. He single handedly put me on the map, I listened to him and ran with it, to the bank. T.C. is impeccable with his work, his word, and his being.” ~ Stephen J. Young, Million Dollar Closer

You won’t want to miss your chance to hear T.C. speak about this exciting opportunity!


See Tampa REIA Events Calendar for More Events!

T.C. BradleyWe recently sat down with publishing and media expert TC Bradley. TC is the CEO and President of InstantCelebrityStatus.com and is the upcoming author of the soon-to-be-published book Instant Celebrity Status!: Establish Your DOMINANCE in Your Local Market by Using Major Media and Becoming a Best-Selling Author!

Lisa: Welcome TC. Please tell us a little about your background.

TC: Thanks Lisa, I have a pretty diverse background but will give you a brief overview. After relocating to Florida from Chicago, my wife and I started a national direct sales company, which we grew to 1.6 million dollars in sales within the first 6 months, only to lose that company to a bad partnership. At the time of losing that company, the company was averaging 100k in sales a day, so that was a very tough experience to recover from. Instead of wallowing in my sorrows, I started investing in real estate, successfully, and in 2003, I launched my first website and successfully sold over a million dollars of product from my first product.

Lisa: Losing a multi-million dollar company must have been hard to overcome.

TC: It was, Lisa. Betrayal is hard for anyone to overcome, especially at that scale, but I knew a man like my ex-partner would never succeed long term, and I was right. Within 2 years, my ex-partner closed the business. Meanwhile, I invested in over a million dollars in real estate and developed my first product and website, which sold over a million dollars of product, and really, I have never looked back from that devastating moment.

Lisa: I have heard that success is the best form of revenge. Is that true?

TC: No Lisa it is not. Massive success is the best revenge. In business and in life, sometimes you must make a statement, especially to the ones that doubt you or that take advantage of you, and nothing speaks louder than massive success.

Lisa: How did you transition into media and publishing?

TC: Internet marketing has changed dramatically since I went online in 2003. Back then, if you had a halfway decent website and product and could drive traffic to the website, you could make money. That is not the case today. It is no longer good enough to be found on Google, because your competitors are there too. People will research until they can find a leader or expert to do business with. Today, when a buyer lands on your website, you have 10 seconds to establish yourself as the leader or authority that they are looking to do business with. Read More→

T.C. BradleyI first went online in 2003 and my first website sold over a million dollars of product. At one time, we were one of the most top ranked websites in the world. We actually had more traffic going to our website than Oprah had going to her website. (For you internet geeks out there, our Alexa ranking was a hair under 10,000 at the time)

Marketing has changed dramatically since those days. It is no longer good enough to be “found on Google.” Your competitors are there too. Today, more than ever, people have a choice of who they choose to do business with and they want to do business with the LEADER or Authority in their field.

If you have a serious legal issue, you want the BEST Attorney that money can buy. If you are selling your home, you do not want just anybody selling your home.

The Million Dollar question is this:

If I were to visit your website or social media pages, how obvious would it be that YOU are the Number 1 choice? Read More→

Would You Break Into A Vacant House?

Posted on April 7, 2015 by

You’re out working foreclosures and see an obviously vacant house. There is a sign in the window saying the home has been abandoned and winterized. You look through the window and confirm that it is vacant. Do you open the door with your “investor key” (a credit card) and go inside to look around?

Over the years, real estate investors have hotly debated this topic. Some investors would never go in the home, while others think nothing of slipping the lock so they can inspect the interior before bidding on the property.

I know investors who regularly go into vacant homes. The popular thought is that there’s nothing wrong with that. The investor is not there to steal or vandalize anything, he’s there to estimate the rehab cost so he can accurately determine his maximum purchase price. What can possibly be wrong with this?

There are a lot of funny stories told by seasoned investors about things they found in abandoned properties; things you can’t believe a homeowner would leave behind – like artificial limbs, stuffed (taxidermy) animals, porno magazines, etc. After hearing these stories, many new investors come away thinking that it’s OK to break into vacant homes. But I’m here to tell you – think again! Read More→

As an active investor, I get a ton of deals regularly from other wholesalers especially with springtime rolling in. They come in all sorts of shapes, forms, fonts, graphics and so forth. While they all have a variety of information, it is rare that ads come with enough information to make a decision on whether it is worth spending time on them. So as a Buyer as well as a wholesaler, I thought I would share some do’s and don’ts to apply when you put ads out to your Buyers to set yourself up for success.


DO put the address – I am amazed at why anyone would think I would look at a deal without an address but it happens.

DO think like a homeowner wanting a perfect house to describe repairs – This is what your Buyer is going to be aiming for. As an example, you may be ‘ok’ with the minor carpet stain however that won’t cut it when your Buyer’s Buyer will want new carpet. Description trumps number estimates since each Buyer has their own contractor with their own pricing.

DO give comparable sales that make sense – radically mixing styles of homes, comps that are too far away for the geographic area, large square footage differences, ignoring unique features such as lakefront, acreage and many more considerations can radically affect what are the best comps. Read More→

From Paper to (Almost) Paperless

Posted on April 7, 2015 by

“Americans spend 3 billion hours per year filling out tax forms and keeping tax records.” ~ Jim Ramstad

There are two things I’ll never do again: first, teach one of my own kids how to drive; and second, help my Aunt May file her tax returns. I’m pretty sure you know Aunt May, or someone just like her. She’s a really sweet lady whose house looks spotlessly organized until you open a drawer or a closet. When she hints that she needs help with her taxes, you volunteer. I mean, she needs you, and she’s so nice! How hard could it be?

Anyway, that’s what I thought. But a day before taxes were due, Aunt May came over with six boxes full of paper. Six boxes! Each contained every manner of paper from receipts to bank statements to movie tickets to Christmas cards. Everything under the sun – except the things I needed. It took sixteen hours, eight aspirins, and three pots of coffee to figure out that she was getting a refund of $1.47. Nope. I adore my Aunt May, but I’m not going through that again.

I’ve never been quite as disorganized as Aunt May, but I’ve certainly had my moments. I discovered pretty quickly that I had better organize my business so I could find what I needed, when I needed it. When you’re trying to convince a potential seller that you run an organized, professional operation, it’s best if you can find the contract they signed. Read More→

Welcome back! In our last article, we talked about how trends come & go in all things, but we specifically discussed the fact that there are two tried & true strategies that have seemed to stand the test of time in Real Estate Investing. Those strategies are: Wholesaling and Lease Options.

Wholesaling was discussed last time – it’s mainly done in the “Ugly” house business (houses that need a lot of work). And Lease Options are typically understood to be done in the “Pretty” house business (houses that don’t need much work).

Thanks for hanging in with me so far, veteran investors. Keep reading. It gets better.

Lease Options have been around for a good, long time. Certainly as long as any of the well-known, current ‘Gurus’ have been teaching. The way they work is basically like this:

A homeowner/seller wants to sell their house, but a typical wholesale-style deal (usually with a lowball price offer) doesn’t work, or they just don’t like the offer… or the offer doesn’t make sense. I mean, why would any sane seller sell their house that doesn’t need much work that they have a ton of equity in for a deeply-discounted price? Read More→

Because money has been easy to get over the past 15 years I wanted to show you how leverage can truly maximize your profits regardless of your credit history. If you can think about the conservation of cash idea borrowing money from banks can definitely be a thing of the past. Leverage is one way how you can use the limited money you have in the most effective way to maximize your profit potential on every property you buy. If you have less than good credit or if you simply don’t want to use your credit you may want to learn how to use less money and with leverage maximize your profits. If you already have limited money you can use what money you currently have to buy one house but you will only profit or grow your money from that one house and nothing more when you rent or sell the property you bought. Leverage can accelerate how you build wealth if done correctly.

Here is a simple example of what I am talking about. For this example let’s say you have $100,000 you have worked hard to acquire over several months or years or you have the ability to borrow $100,000. One day you decide to buy a rental property. You quickly find a house you believe will be a good rental. The sellers of that house are asking $100,000 for their property. During your face-to-face discussions with the sellers you find they would be willing to allow you to make payments to them every month until the property is eventually paid for over the longest period of time you can get the sellers to agree to. Read More→

Think BIG

Posted on April 7, 2015 by

How can you get not only what you want but MORE than what you have ever wished for?

Nothing is Unreachable

Your success depends on your vision.

  • Do you want to work independently, or do you want to work independently and be wealthy?
  • Do you want to pay off your credit cards, or do you want to be completely debt free?
  • Do you want to take a vacation, or do you want to travel the world?

When you expand your thinking, you can expand your success. Expect more and work knowing that you can have it. From the start, know how big you want your business to be and work as though it is already there.

Big business owners keep good analytical data on sales, acquisitions, expenses, and growth. With good analytical data, you can prove that you are a good business person, and people will want to loan/give you money. Read More→

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