Are You Going To Make It? Be Honest With Yourself

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Tom DiAgostinoYou want success, right? That’s essentially the purpose of any kind of training. However, It doesn’t matter how much “how to” you absorb, it will not cause the result you want – which is the achievement of a specific goal or milestone. How much action are you putting behind what you learn?

The only difference between the few successful people and most other people out there is the amount of TV you watch.

I know that sounds funny, but it’s true.

9 out of 10 people WASTE the most valuable asset they have, which is time. You can’t ever get it back, and the minutes you’re taking to read this is an investment in your future. Time spent watching worthless TV is robbing you of your life.

Part of this mental preparation is understanding the principal that you can’t always give in to mental candy, which is what TV and music are. I have to take away your donuts, i.e. the mental candy of TV and frivolous music or you can’t achieve anything.

Does that mean zero candy? No, of course not, we all enjoy some serenity. I just watched the Fringe series. It was good, but it was also the ONLY show I watched.

I need you to limit yourself and understand that any hour not spent on activities toward your goals is only slowing you down. And the people that control the amount of mental candy they absorb are successful. This is a truth you must accept. Your fate hangs on this.

If you’re not successful, guess what? You either made mistakes taking the wrong actions, or you aren’t taking actions at all, which is harder to fix, sometimes impossible to fix. Can’t make the horse drink right?

Success is BEHAVIOR, not skill, luck, or even capital. Please tell me you are internalizing this!

You need to WORK in order to get what you want. The RIGHT work, and the RIGHT amount of time applied to work make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

So say goodbye to your old life of wasting time or trying to do the least amount of work to get by, that’s what losers do. Say hello to your new life of doing what needs to be done to reach the finish line.

Education and TRAINING is not the same thing. Education is not enough. You must be educated to do the proper behaviors that breed achievement.

This is the approach I take in my own business. I’ve invested in all kinds of real estate over the past 25 years and one of my favorite ways is with Tax Liens and Deeds. And I’m really good at it. I was taught this strategy over 20 years ago on how to find deals that I could do simply, in all markets, and repeat year after year to make crushing amounts of money, regardless of market conditions.

Powerful Profit Potential in Tax Lien and Deed Investing

One of the most enticing reasons for investing in tax deeds isn’t the fact that you can gain ownership if tax deeds you hold aren’t redeemed during the redemption period. You can undoubtedly reap financial rewards by foreclosing, then quickly selling the property.  By the way, most of these do not have people in the home.  We have yet to ever evict a homeowner. The only eviction we’ve done is a squatter!

If, however, you opt to hold onto properties that you gain ownership of through the tax deed foreclosure process, your incredible financial opportunity can pay massive dividends.

Real estate investors and tax deed investors who are able to buy low have the most to gain. As the market goes up, owners of properties will see the value of their investments skyrocket. By holding properties of which you gain ownership through the tax deed foreclosure process, you can set yourself up for unparalleled profit potential – now and in the future.

Flipping properties for fast cash is an option, but holding them can accelerate your explosive growth potential, especially if you marry holding with other profit strategies like owner financing, lease options, etc.

I CONSISTENTLY buy property for 30 cents on the dollar. Let me be honest, I actually don’t buy them for 30 cents – I’m ALL IN for 30cents. Meaning I buy them AND fix them for a TOTAL of 30% of repaired value.   So I’m actually buying them for 10% or less. Ingenious, right?


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