Andy Tolbert

Posted on July 1, 2016 by

Andy TolbertAndrea “Andy” Tolbert has been active in the Central Florida real estate market since 1995.  She’s started in the mortgage industry, in fact owned a lender in Orlando for many years, and then got her real estate license to better serve her own investing.  She and her husband Tim have been investing since 1998 and they’ve done everything from wholesaling to lease options to seller financing.  They also own rental properties and are actively looking for more (although they’re a little more conservative now than pre-crash).  She did her first short sale in 2002 before it was even a thing and has taught many Realtors and investors about them ever since.  She’s a member of the Florida Realtors Faculty and a state permitted real estate instructor.  She’s also an NRA and USCCA firearms instructor and has been certified in self-defense and crime prevention techniques by various law enforcement training agencies.  


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