Jack Shea

Posted on September 25, 2013 by

Jack SheaJack Shea moved to Florida in 1978, and began investing in real estate.  He is a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Broker.  He has done syndications and  mobile home development.  He also has bought and sold mortgages and notes on real and personal property.  Jack Shea has concentrated on buying and selling options on real estate, and has been an investor in single-family and mobile homes.  Jack operates a 1031 exchange facilitator business with his wife, Merle, and his son Daniel.

He has taught classes to investors nationwide on lease-purchase contracts, note buying, Land Trusts, exchanges and IRA investing. Jack has developed several unique strategies in options, trusts, exchanges and IRA investing. He, along with Jack Miller and a few other investors pioneered the technique of gaining personal control of IRA funds. This required working with several IRA custodians to develop the trust documents necessary to accomplish this. These documents needed to meet the requirements of the custodians and be compliant with the IRS regulations. As a result, every IRA owner is now able to move their funds from the custodian to their corner bank and have checkbook control of the funds.


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