Peter Fortunato’s Real Estate Acquisition Techniques Class Takes Place in June

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Sat & Sun, June 13th & 14th @ 9:00 AM in Tampa, FL
Peter Fortunato’s
Real Estate Acquisition Techniques
Sat & Sun, June 13th & 14th in Tampa, FL
9AM – 5PM Both Days

Holiday Inn – Tampa
700 N. Westhore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609

Peter FortunatoPeter will present two days of lecture and discussion, with real-world case studies, regarding HOW & WHY to acquire benefits using real estate.Questions and Debate always encouraged! Get involved – this class is for you.

Pete clearly and patiently describes cases including:

  • Capitalism and Freedom
  • Recruiting Allies
  • The Subjectivity of Value
  • Maximizing Income
  • Discomfort = Opportunity
  • Good Deals are Made (Not Found)
  • From Promises to Property
  • Non-Institutional Financing
  • Leases With & Without Options
  • Minimizing Risks and Liability
  • Seller Involvement & Financing
  • Create Solutions & your future

The Real Estate Acquisition Seminar Workbook Includes:

  • Contracts to Acquire
  • Master Leases
  • Seller Financed Notes
  • Option Contracts
  • Equity Participation Note
  • Exchange Contracts
  • Contracts to Sell
  • Lease Option Style Contracts
  • Assignment of Contracts
  • Debt Assumption Agreements
  • Checklists & Escrow Directions
  • And Other Interesting Documents

Location – Holiday Inn – Tampa 700 N. Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL Please visit: for info on this Seminar.

Class Registration fee: $450 per person (or $350/ea if you’re with a REIA or 2 or more persons register together)
Class Time: 9am-5pm both days.

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