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Once again, we are at the end of the first quarter. Over time, I have asked you to make a plan, do your research, and utilize your mentor’s skills. Now I want you to consider something essential. As a mentor, I have begun to ask people these questions:

What kind of relationship do you have with money?

How does this affect your success?

Think about it. Many of us were programmed to see money as the root of all evil. We think that people with money are corrupt and greedy—and yet we want what they have! How can you achieve wealth when you believe it is bad? You are contradicting yourself, aren’t you?

Do you continually shut yourself down with thoughts like “I can’t afford that”? If so, how can you think this and simultaneously expect to attract wealth into your life?

The answer is that you can’t.

I can help you to see that you can.

Try this… Say confidently and out loud…

  1. “I deserve to be successful and wealthy.”How does this feel.
  2. Then say, “I don’t deserve to be successful and wealthy.”

Number one feels better, doesn’t it? Why not make this your mantra? Say this to yourself as often as you can and believe it! This is the beginning of creating wealth: believing it is yours.

Thoughts either prevent or allow you to move forward. Changing your thinking from “I don’t know if I can do this” to “I am successful” will allow you to succeed.


Next, let’s change your limiting thoughts. The best way I can coach you to TAKE ACTION is by helping you to do these things:

  1. Look at what you already have and see it as wealth that you have created. This means that you CAN create more.
  2. Know that this wealth came from YOUR THOUGHTS and YOUR ACTIONS.

What you have did not come to you by accident. You worked for it.

  1. Believe that you DESERVE to be wealthy.
  2. MAKE A PLAN to attract the wealth you want.
  3. Know that a plan can change. You need to look at it regularly, be positive, and use tactics that work.
  4. Realize the infinite possibility of your wealth. Why limit yourself to $90,000 a year? Why not aim for $150,000? Why not aim even higher?


  • Act and speak as if you are wealthy. Do not talk about limits in your life.
  • Make wealthy friends. Surround yourself with people who have what you want. Study them. Do what they do.
  • Find a mentor who you respect and who has what you want.

I have always chosen wealthy mentors, and they have led me to success. What do they have in common? They do not limit themselves. When I asked these mentors how much money I could make, they said, “As much as you want.”

How much do you want?

Better yet…

How much do you deserve?


Maybe you have doubts right now. At first, I did too. But I had nothing to lose, so I listened to my mentors, and it paid off. My relationship with wealth improves daily because I reflect on my attitude and my beliefs. Once I began saying that I had a great relationship with money, everything turned around—I began creating the wealth I imagined.

I didn’t do this by myself. I needed my mentors to coach me, to remind me that wealth is not evil, that it is mine for the asking. I needed to be deprogrammed from the old messages that money is the root of all evil. I found that it is not.

Today, my relationship with wealth is positive. I enjoy it. I embrace it, and it treats me very well.

What do you have to lose?

Positive thoughts cost nothing to create.

But creating negative thoughts can be very expensive.

Would you allow me to be your business partner… who works for pennies and saves you dollars. I can help you create success.

Be smart. Take advantage of my knowledge and experience, and contact me, Russ Hiner, at

Russ HinerRuss Hiner is an active real estate investor, coach and mentor. Russ is currently the leader of the Atlanta REIA Creative Deal Structuring Group and Atlanta REIA Mastermind Group. Russ also teaches several workshops throughout the year on a variety of real estate investing topics such as Negotiations, Wholesaling 101, Wholesaling 401, Real Estate 101, Property Management and more.

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