Important Information About Houses You May Want to AVOID! Houses that Will Be Hard to Sell or Rent

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This month I decided to share with you my thoughts about some types of property you may want to avoid if you plan to maximize your profits from the deals you do. I have personally bought several of the houses I now recommend you think about not buying. I believe buying any of the following properties will definitely give you a financial seminar you really don’t want to take for numerous reasons.

I have taken a few of those financial seminars and I can tell you that you don’t want nor need to go there and make the same mistakes I have made. For those just getting started in the business these examples are a must for you to know so you don’t buy houses that will be extremely hard to sell or rent.

This is a two part article for April and May.

Houses in Area’s with Many “FOR RENT” signs.

Any house located in an area with many For Rent signs leaves little hope of selling to a family who wants to live in that area and can qualify for a loan. Too many renters in any neighborhood will many times run out the families with small children who can qualify for a loan that want to buy.

Houses in Area’s with Many “FOR SALE” signs.

Too many FOR SALE signs usually indicate a problem in that neighborhood. Always be sure to find out why there are so many properties for sale before you make an offer to buy one of them. There has to be a reason, find out what the problem is.

Houses with a Flat-Roof.

A house with a flat roof is not very attractive and will have more roof leaking problems. Few people want houses with flat roofs for this very reason.

Houses With No Curb Appeal.

Ugly houses when looking from the street usually will not make buyers proud to show their extended families and friends their home. People want to be proud of their home and a house with no curb appeal will always be harder to rent or sell to families who can qualify for a loan.

Houses With Steep Driveways.

Steep driveways in different areas of the country where heavy snow or icing is normal, many buyers won’t want a house with a steep driveway and this type of house will be hard to sell or rent. Many of these older houses with steep driveways only have room for one car at the top of the driveway and most families have two cars; their other car will need to be parked in the street. This is not a desirable type of house to buy or rent because of this.

Houses On or Near Swampy Ground.

Damp swampy ground has too many issues to be very desirable. Most parents won’t like their children playing in standing water or in constant wet grass all of the time. Wet yards attract snakes, mosquitoes, allergies and will provide a perfect place for mold to grow and thrive. Believe me you don’t want one of these houses because they will be impossible to sell or rent.

Houses With VERY Small Front Yards Too Close to the Street.

Small front yards I have found are not popular with the majority of home buyers or long-term renters. Most people like a front yard where they can have some nice landscaping and get as far away as possible from the traffic noise.

Houses On Busy Streets.

Most families with children fear their children will dash out into the street and get hit by a fast moving car. They also don’t want difficulty backing into traffic and it will always be TOO NOISY for most buyers or renters. These properties are harder to sell or rent.

Houses In or Near a War-Zone.

Families that can qualify for a loan usually prefer NOT living close to areas where there is gang activity, drugs being sold on every corner, and undesirable people found everywhere.

Houses Near an Industrial Area Close to Factories.

This is NOT an area where most families want to live. Noise, Smoke and Fumes and heavy Semi-truck traffic is common. These areas are not beautiful areas to live.

Houses Near an Airport or a Busy Highway

Airports and busy highways are always VERY noisy. This is a turn off for most people who want to live in a quiet, peaceful area.

Next month I will show you more houses you will want to avoid.

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