The Profit August 2012 Edition

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The Profit for August 2012 is Here!

The Profit - August 2012The 2nd edition of The Profit, the official newsletter of the Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance (Tampa REIA), is out for the month August 2012! Read and enjoy a variety of articles on real estate investing from Mike Barnes, Dustin Griffin, Larry Harbolt, Russ Hiner, Robyn Thompson, Erven Kimble, Jim Hitt, Bob Massey, Tony Pearl, Kathy Kennebrook, Don DeRosa and more. Don’t forget, Tampa REIA Business Members can advertise in The Profit at discounted rates.

High Res Version (19mb) / Low Res Version (5mb)

PLEASE NOTE: The Low Res Version is for faster downloading, but the High Res Version (Recommended) is much higher quality and takes only a little bit longer to download.


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