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This is one of the most powerful business lessons that I have learned. That may not be what you were expecting to read but let’s face it…its true. No one cares about you, your business, your services or you in general. The one thing that people always care about is their own problems and finding solutions to those problems. Now let’s put that into the real estate world.

Whether you are interested in commercial real estate or single family homes…people still only care about solving their own problems. They don’t care about your investment or doing business with you or what deal you may be working on. They care if you can solve a problem for them and that is the root of becoming wealthy in the real estate business. If you can master the art of creatively solving problems then the financial doors to financial freedom and cash flow will swing wide open for you. If you view real estate and the world at large as a place to serve yourself, the doors to wealth will stay firmly shut. You may be able to force your way into the business world with self-serving actions but why? Why not have all the people who have what you want just simply give it to you and say “thank you” when you take it?

Everything you want in the real estate world is likely to be owned or controlled by someone else. There is no more free land in the world waiting for you to run out and stick a flag in it. Everything is owned. Now you job is to go out and get those sellers and owners to “give” you what you want. You do this by solving problems. Here are some very common problems in the real estate world today.

  • Distressed assets- These are properties that may need repairs or may not be producing the revenue that they were bought to produce. They may be costing the owner money and not making it.
  • Distressed Owners- Owners of real estate that are motivated to sell. They may be owners of a distressed asset. They may have personal issues in their life that may cause them to be motivated to sell. They may just be tired of dealing with the business and want to move on.
  • Investors who need a good return- There are people every day who have cash and are getting low returns on that money. I have borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from people who were not professional lenders who just wanted a better return on their cash. I have investors in my deals that love the higher returns they get for being part of my deal as opposed to putting that money in a CD or checking account.
  • Some people just don’t have the time- there are plenty of property owners and high net worth people that just don’t have the time to deal with the property they own or don’t have the time to learn the real estate business well enough to place their own capital in a deal. Do you think you may have a few extra hours in your week to help someone spend all that cash they have or to help a seller deal with a property if they were willing to finance it for you?!!

These are just a few problems I have solved in my real estate career. In each one of the situations, I created a solution which created wealth for me. Each problem I solved moved me to a new level in my real estate investing. Creative financing is also a great avenue for creating offers that get accepted. Some of those techniques may be a master lease option, seller financing, or just good old fashioned sweat equity. The options are only as limited as your own creativity.

Bill HamBill Ham has been investing in real estate for 8 years and has created a portfolio of nearly 400 apartment units in Macon, GA. He created his entire real estate investing portfolio using creative and seller financing.


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