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Discretion in speech is more important than eloquence.” ~ English proverb

It’s eight p.m. on a Saturday night. You’ve just settled into your front-row seat at the opera – you’re seeing your favorite, La Traviata.

Okay, so you’re really at a WWE wrestling smackdown. Work with me here.

At any rate, you’re in your seat waiting for the action to begin, and your phone vibrates. Caller ID says it’s Francine Fudley, a very motivated seller who’s on the verge of signing a contract. But wait, that’s wrong! Isn’t Francine Fudley the name of your brother’s second wife’s third cousin? The seller’s name is really Freddie Pfeffer, right? Or is that Frances Furman?

Sheesh. What a dilemma! You’ve got to take a call from the seller, even if it means missing a perfectly good cage match. But if you take the call and it turns out to be your brother’s second wife’s third cousin, you’ll be stuck in a long, long conversation about how her gout is a sure sign of a decaying society.

Do you answer the call, or not?

Let me just mention at this point that you can customize your cellphone ringtones for different kinds of callers. One ringtone for sellers, another for business associates, and still another for cranky, distant relatives. Of course, you knew that already. (You did know that, right?) But different ringtones don’t help you much when your phone is set to vibrate.

That’s why I love CallerID Note Pro. This simple Android app allows you to attach post-it style notes to your contacts. There is no limit to the number of notes you can associate with an individual contact.

So how does this work? When Francine Fudley calls, you’d see her name, plus a note that you created, saying, “motivated seller,” or “she’s a talker,” or “whatever you do, don’t mention gout!” Happily, the note would then disappear, reducing the risk that anyone will see what you really think of your family.

Depending on your settings, CallerID Note Pro can prompt you to create a new note after each phone call. This is handy if you want to jot down a short note about your conversation, or if you want to remember to follow up on something during your next call. You can also search for particular notes, another nice feature. You can even disable the caller ID function and just keep notes on all your contacts.

CallerID Note Pro is available at It’s very easy to use, even if you’re not very computer literate. As of this writing, the software costs all of $0.99. But you can also try out the lite version for free at

With CallerID Note Pro, you can create instant “cliff notes” for each of your contacts. With this simple organizational tool, you’ll never miss a call from a motivated seller. You’ll never have to hear about a distant in-law’s medical conditions. And you won’t miss a moment of that WWE cage match.

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