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“I am thankful to all the souls, I meet in the journey of life.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita

Touchnote App is a familiar app to many. It’s commonly used to create eCards for birthdays and holidays, as well as printing applications like greeting cards and framed photos. I have found a way to use this for my own needs that are unique to my business.

Using this app has freed up some of my time. How to gently and politely notify a homeowner that I have an interest in their home without knocking on the door and intruding on their routine. I’ve utilized the Touchnote App to reach out to these potential clients. I usually drive looking for vacant homes in particular. I just take a photo of the house and look up the homeowner’s address in the public tax records. I write a simple message explaining that I’m interested in buying the property. It’s so fast and takes the time and thought out of trying to reach out to these homeowners by phone or physically printing and paying postage on a postcard. The cost is $1.99, which is very reasonable. You can also reduce this price even more by buying in bulk, making the cost $1.50. 

I’m focusing most of my time with the more detailed parts of my business, so taking time to try and get on a site to design a print publication is beyond my expertise. You very well could take the address and physically send a note in the mail. That is time consuming. This method is instant and gives you a polished look without being too intrusive.

Touchnote can be a useful tool with other applications like open house events, seminar invites, Q&A events and more. It can streamline the way you interact with your business contacts. You can easily make your materials consistent with your existing brand guidelines, or create your own by choosing the same colors and icons for each item you create.

I like how the app is very intuitive, it offers ready-made templates. You can always create something from a blank, but using Touchnote templates that are ready to go is the easiest route. As I stated previously, the cost is minimal, much less than putting out a postcard mail campaign with the cost of buying an indicia from the post office. A bulk mail campaign is expensive and hard to personalize. Touchnote gives me that personal touch that makes the probability of a positive response climb.

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