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WARNING: If You Own Any Properties In Your Own Name Statistics Show You Have A Huge Target On Your Back And A Damaging Lawsuit Is Just Around The Corner If You Don’t Do Something FAST To Prevent This From Happening To You!

Let me share some very important facts that unless you do something FAST could cost you everything you’ve worked hard for. Statistics show…

Fact: Every year at least 7,000,000 (seven million) Slip-and-Fall Civil lawsuits are filed throughout this country costing millions of dollars. That means that at the very least 14,000,000 (fourteen million) people and their families will be party to those lawsuits that 85% to 95% are settled out of court. Most of these are nuisance suits generated just to get money.

I don’t want you to be the next victim? Why would you want to needlessly expose your real estate assets when you don’t need to jeopardize your financial future? Forget about time, stress and anxiety you and your family will experience just because you are named in a lawsuit. Even if you aren’t guilty of doing anything wrong it can ruin your life. When you are sued it costs you time, personal grief and attorney’s fees, and possibly thousands of dollars regardless of the outcome of the case. This doesn’t sound like a good formula for accumulating wealth to me wasting money defending you from those unscrupulous people and their contingency fee lawyers.

The good news, there is a solution that will help you better protect the real estate assets you have and the ones you acquire in the future and it won’t cost you a fortune or give you stress in your life. I’ve watched investors lose part and others all of what they had accumulated from years of hard work just because they had the appearance of having money.

In my father’s day, people were proud of what they had and wanted the world to know how successful they were, but that was then and today it’s a totally different story. Today it isn’t a good idea to show any signs of affluence or someone will try to take away your wealth using the court system instead of working for what they get. Suing people has become the new way to achieve financial freedom in the shortest time and easiest way possible.

The worst part of this problem is, you never know when someone is being offended by you or when they get hurt on one of your properties. It can happen at any time and you probably won’t know when it happens until a lawsuit has been filed against you.

So what’s the solution to this problem or is there a solution? It’s not a matter of if you will be involved in a nuisance lawsuit of some kind it’s a matter of when. The thing I have learned over my 33 plus year real estate investing career is to be prepared before a lawsuit happens to you. Don’t wait until later then try to protect yourself after you have been served court papers. That doesn’t work. The time to protect your real estate assets is NOW, not tomorrow when it may be too late.

The good part of the problem is, you can make it not only difficult to find who owns any property you can also make that process for the person suing very, very costly, forcing them to quickly to have a conversation with their checkbook and ask themselves, how mad am I? How much am I willing to spend trying to get money I don’t really deserve when the process isn’t going to be very easy. When the suing party’s attorney is finding it extremely difficult to find the name of the actual owner (the Beneficiary) of a property, the attorneys clock keeps on ticking and the person suing is being charged more and more as the hours go by with little success, in my opinion that is Real Justice.

How would you like to learn how to be completely legal at confusing almost any adversary who is suing you simply by making it difficult to easily find who the real owner of any property is? That is what this article is all about. Being perfectly legal, yet extremely expensive to pursue, is my goal. If someone wants to sue you, let them pay a hefty price! Let me show you how it doesn’t get much better than that.

The real secret that will allow you to create this expensive guessing game for any trip-and-fall person and their contingency fee attorney, it’s called the “Land Trust”. It’s not a good idea to own any property in your own name. Own each of your properties so your name never appears in public records where the people who sue for a living can easily find everything you own and also approximately how much equity you have in each property. Because all of your properties are not in your personal name it will be extremely difficult and costly to find out whom the owner (the Beneficiary) really is without an expensive search and a court case.

My goal is to make the task of suing you more difficult just because someone may assume you own a particular property and very, very costly and time consuming with no end in sight. If I’ve learned one thing every real estate investor needs to know it is; Own Nothing, Control Everything and the land trust will allow you to do just that! My best advice I can give you is own all of your properties in separate land trusts and “BE PREPARED” before a nuisance lawsuit strikes you!

Join me for more about this fascinating subject on June 15 – 17, 2013 in Tampa Florida when I will be doing my next “3” day Land Trust Boot Camp. For more information call me at 727-420-4810 or email me at larryharbolt@gmail.com.


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