Working Smart: Making $5,000 From Selling Houses You Never See!

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Have you ever heard the saying, “Work smart, not hard”? It’s one of my personal favorites, and I’m here as a coach to show you how you can do it.

I’m guessing that when you think about buying a property, you’re assuming a lot of leg work: traveling to the property, inspecting it, doing the due diligence, and checking your numbers. And, yes, this is the way you’ll buy the property that you’ll put into your portfolio.

But what if there is another option? What if you could buy a property without ever seeing it and possibly sell it on the same day?

The option is called a WHOLESALE DEAL.

Sound too good to be true? Let me tell you, as a coach and as a business person who has done it, it CAN be done— YOU CAN DO IT—I can tell you how—and these deals can get you to your goals: earning a profit.

6 Steps to YOUR Success with Wholesale Deals

  1. Find A Seller:
    1. Look on the internet for individuals that are motivated and want to liquidate this house in that area.
    2. You must buy at a Discount!
  2. Find a Buyer:
    1. Look at the tax records or landlords who want to buy a house in that area.
    2. Look at who has bought and sold in that area in the last year.
  3. Get the property information. Find out everything you can and decide—would this be appealing to the buyer?
    1. Don’t overlook the property location! This is key to finding a buyer.
    2. Your take out buyer will do the due diligence.
  4. Promote the property:
    1. Create a flyer. List the benefits to owning the property.
    2. List the property on at least 5 websites—don’t forget Craig’s list!!—and post EVERY 48 Hours.
    3. Visualize different types of people who would buy it and change your ads to appeal to many kinds of buyers.
    4. Don’t sit back and wait for a response. Keep posting, keep advertising! Think– How you can get it in front of a seller? Be creative!
    5. Call people in the area and ask them if they would buy the house.
  5. Examine the price.
    1. Look at the comps; consider creative financing.
    2. If you don’t know, make up a price up. If nothing happens, the price is too high.
    3. Call a realtor in the area and ask for his opinion about the property’s price and condition. Ask what people are buying in the area and at what price.
  6. Set up for success:
    1. Put it under contract.
    2. Drive traffic through the house.
    3. Sell to a buyer.
    4. Renegotiate if necessary.
  1. You’ve completed #6, and you have a buyer. You’ll need to work with them:
    1. Qualify them.
    2. Have them inspect the property.
    3. Get them under contract.
    4. Close the deal.

This is just another tool/ technique that I’ve shared with you because I want you to reach YOUR goals.

There are so many things to learn in this business. The WHOLESALE deal is just another technique that I can walk you through as a coach. Remember…

This tool can empower YOU to make the deals
that will make YOUR goals happen!

It’s as easy as that—and even easier with me as your coach.

Think of it– No traveling back and forth, no tedious inspections, No Showings, No Drama. With this technique, you can make money with a minimum of work. With this knowledge and skill you can WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

Join me and other successful investors at my Creative Deal Structuring Subgroup. Let me coach you to learn the market and find your niche! I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you on your way to a successful 2013!

Russ HinerRuss Hiner is an active real estate investor, coach and mentor. Russ is currently the leader of the Atlanta REIA Creative Deal Structuring Group and Atlanta REIA Mastermind Group. Russ also teaches several workshops throughout the year on a variety of real estate investing topics such as Negotiations, Wholesaling 101, Wholesaling 401, Real Estate 101, Property Management and more.

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