“Dude… You Need Help!” (Part One)

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So there you are – a proud real estate investor or business owner! You’re doing some marketing, talking to sellers, driving out to meet them, making offers, following up, raising private money, selling your houses, and a million other things.

Meanwhile, you’re (maybe) still working a job, being a husband, a father, a friend, a family member, a neighbor, and a member of your community! You don’t even know the meaning of the word “sleep!”

You’ve got a lot of balls… In the air, and everything is going great with your juggling act.UNTIL… IT happens. What is it? “It” could be anything, like… you could get sick. Or someone in your family gets sick & needs you to take care of them. Or a deal goes sideways & winds up taking way more time than you had budgeted (inconceivable!). Or a vehicle breaks down. Or some technology doesn’t work the way it should (what? that never happens!). Or… shoot, just fill in the blank. IT doesn’t really matter what “it” is.

Suddenly, your whole world gets turned upside down, and all your balls fall to the floor. The next few weeks find you frantically trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back in place again, only to find that the picture will never quite look the same no matter how hard you try to shove the pieces back together to where you had them.

Has this ever happened to you? Or someone you know? Let’s not kid ourselves here – if you’ve been alive and doing things long enough on this planet, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about!

So what do you do to fix this issue? How do you make it better? If you’re like most people, you’ll keep repeating this tragic cycle until you finally get it through your thick skull that… Dude, you need some serious help!

Yes, I’m talking about Professional help. No, not the kind where you lay on a couch & share your innermost thoughts & feelings while a bearded, pipe-smoking guy with elbow patches on his jacket writes everything down and nods his head a lot. I’m talking about hiring someone to do as much of the crap you need done FOR you!

What if… You didn’t have to call all those sellers who think they have a house for sale, only to find out that they’ll only possibly entertain the thought of you buying their house IF you pay full retail price, all cash, pay all the closing costs, and close by tomorrow afternoon. And only if they like you. And your feet don’t stink.

What if… You didn’t have to go out and market and sell those houses you have in your inventory. And you didn’t have to talk to all those time-wasting potential “buyers” who couldn’t qualify to buy your house if you paid them to take it from you. They just lost their minimum-wage job, but they still want at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a basement & a garage. Oh, and a maid, too!

Yes! What if you had someone else waste their time talking to all those time-sucking wonderful people instead of you! What if anyone you talked to was properly prescreened, sufficiently qualified AND motivated to do business with you? How sweet would THAT be? (Answer: Pretty sweet indeed)

What else is on your list? Well, how about all the stuff you DON’T WANT to do? I’ll let you sort that part out, but some common things on most peoples’ list are: Running ads (after you get them to work), doing the mailings (ex. Yellow Letters), Putting up signs (ugh), holding open houses (shoot me), running people’s credit (you’re kidding, right?), going to the courthouse (I won’t even go there), and on and on. You get the idea, right?

Now, imagine the feeling… You have all that crap taken care of, so you can do better things with your time. What would you do with all that time? I’ll leave that to you.

Next question: HOW the heck do you find someone to help you out and take all that crap off your hands? Well, the answer is simpler than you think, and because this is MY article, I can come up with some patented, fancy title to make you think that I stayed up all night to think of it. The answer is…

…Going to Be Revealed in Next Month’s Article!

So sorry, but we seem to have run out of space here!

But don’t worry, we’ll pick it up right where we left off… Next month!

So be sure to come back to this publication next month, where I’ll reveal the answer on how to get the help you need. You won’t want to miss this, so see you then!

To Your Success,

Tony Pearl

Tony PearlTony Pearl is an entrepreneur, copywriter, proud father, mentor, marketing consultant and talented teacher who resides in the Washington, DC area. He has traveled to over 26 countries, speaks 4 languages, and continues to travel extensively. He has been a professional Ballroom and Latin dance instructor, competitor, and exhibitor for over 19 years. As a Real Estate Investor, Tony has bought and sold over Ten Million dollars worth of real estate, and has been educated by and associates with the best.

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