Declutter Your Keys: The Key Ring App Review

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 “The more I examine the issue of clutter, the more effort I put into combating it, because it really does act as a weight.” ~ Gretchen Rubin

The Key Ring app is a mobile wallet that can consolidate all your store loyalty reward cards. This is a great way to keep all your cards in one place and stay organized with lists and coupons right in the app. Instead of cluttering up your physical key chain, the app allows the user to hold all the store membership cards. So, you’re never without them! It also holds gift card information, which is great! Never lose track of a gift card again. This app has over 12 million downloads, making this one of the most practical and useful apps.

This digital wallet makes your rear facing camera a barcode scanner, just point and shoot your membership card. Just be sure to get a clear view of the barcode on the card. It will recognize all the data associated with that barcode and store it for you. To present the card in store just show your phone. The barcode for that store’s loyalty card will appear on screen that the clerk can scan at the register. 

This is ideal for my lifestyle, I often find myself doing last minute trips. To be honest I have many store loyalty cards but it is hard to keep track when they use similar color schemes. I really don’t like having so much stuff on my actual key chain, and some membership cards take up more physical space than others.

This app is great for families, too. When I sign up for a membership at a new store they often have a large fullsize card and two key ring size cards. I have different members of my family who will shop at the store, but I’ll find myself without my card often because I’ve given my card to someone else to use and forgot to put it back. The Key Ring App eliminates this whole scenario.

Within the app you can share your membership/ loyalty card information, send them lists and coupons. It helps to have all family members on this app because this way there are no duplicate items purchased, they can add and subtract from the shopping list as needed. This way, we save the most since we have the loyalty card and the coupons associated with that store or the product brand.

More than 13,000 brands offer coupons through the Key Ring App. 170 chain stores participate, offering their flier and circular information in the app. When you are looking at the circulars in the app, you can select items and change your shopping list. If a store doesn’t have a loyalty card you can follow their activity. There is also a free prescription savings program inside the app.

What is really helpful is that you can share lists with family or friends, if you know that person will be going to a certain store that day, you can consolidate your lists and know that everything was checked off in that trip. There is real time mobile sync, so there’s hardly any lag time from when someone checks off an item and the update to the list on another user’s phone. You can even upload photos of items, so you or your partner will recognize the exact item and how it looks on the shelf.

The Key Ring App won’t replace your wallet, since it doesn’t store debit or credit card information. It would be convenient to tap and pay within the app. The organization of store loyalty cards is the main goal of this app and it’s done successfully. There is an easy user experience, the app design is simple to use. Save time and money with this app, for iPhone and Android.

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