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Andy TolbertIt might be the last thing you’ve considered as part of your investing strategy, but I want you to realize that nothing else matters if your life is endangered.  You can have all the money in the world, a successful business, have everything you own tied up in trusts… none of it matters when a knife is at your throat.

I’m an investor.  I’m a Realtor®.  I’ve been both for 18 years now.  My investing activities have put me in more scary situations than my Realtor®-ing ever has.  But guess what?  With some simple changes that are EASY to implement, we can eliminate most of the risky situations you might ever face.  To be included in my safety plan, I knew it needed to be easily remembered when needed and could NOT be a major change to my lifestyle, because frankly I’m just not willing to change much.

So first let’s talk about what “safety” is, then we’ll talk about what it’s not.  Read More→