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A Lesson on Negotiations

Posted on June 9, 2014 by

Jimmy NapierThe one negotiation technique I use the most is so simple. Let me explain by using an example that happened in the last thirty days. I need to tell you the whole story so here goes.

An individual has just been released from prison. While incarcerated, he learned that the more “stuff” you have, the more stressful your life becomes. I don’t know if he learned that in a class or from other inmates, but it seemed very appropriate for him. He had an old truck that he used before he left five years ago and he called to sell it to me. Some parts were missing and it looked really ugly. 

I have learned to think of most everything as INVENTORY that I buy. I mean to emphasize that word INVENTORY. If I can’t sell it at a profit, I don’t need more “stuff” around to make my life more stressful. Can you tell that I was a “don’t wanter” for this truck? That is among the better lessons I ever learned in negotiation. If you ever lose your control and become a wanter, you might as well write the check and buy the item. The negotiation will end when the other party learns that you really want what they are selling. Back to the story…  Read More→