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A little history. Back in 2007-2008, not only did the Real Estate market change, but so did our entire economy.  With the near total melt down of our economy, Real Estate took a huge hit. The Banking/Lending industry all but shut down making mortgage loans.

This made it very difficult for us to do business.  Up to this point we were doing just about every creative technique out there for they were all working.  We were doing Subject To, Lease/Options, Private Money, Rehabbing, REO’s, Wholesaling, Wholetaling, Commercial, Building Spec Homes, etc.

Lending was way too loose, but that was what was making it easy to sell properties.  In fact, it was so easy, some even crossed the line and put home owners into homes that they knew they could never afford, but were able to obtain these easy to get loans.  We of course could not do that.  Read More→

Since buying our first property back in 1978, we have seen many changes in the Real Estate market. As you know, Real Estate is very cyclical. Markets come and go and believe it or not, come again.

We used Options, Lease/Options, Rehabs, Private Money back then, in the 80’s, 90’s, and since then. Sometimes these techniques can be used in the same cycles, and sometimes only a few will work.

When the market changed back in 2006 and it turned down, a new cycle began…again.

In a matter of about 10 days we saw about 13 exit strategies disappear right in front of our eyes. Market values plunged. Sellers still wanted pre-2006 pricing. Our six figure per month income just about dried up. What do you do?

Well, you adjust to the market and find what works now or your business dies!

So we started doing Short Sales. We had been doing short sales for years, way before most people even knew the term short sale.

We did hundreds of short sales. The only problem was that we could not help all home owners who needed a short sale. Plus as you probably know, short sales are anything but short.

We are not Investors who are in it just for the money. We actually want to help people, we want everyone to win…Sellers and Buyers as well as us. It’s got to be WIN-WIN-WIN! Read More→