Karen Bershad

Posted on November 9, 2016 by

Karen BershadKaren Bershad has owned and operated several businesses during her career including a printing company and a remodeling business with her late husband. Having over thirty years of hands on business ownership experience, she learned many things about owning and operating a business and always felt “there has to be a better way”. This was the basis of developing The Small Business Advisor.

All the downsizing and our current economy has encouraged many who have been employees to change hats and become entrepreneurs. What has come to light is, most entrepreneurs know a product or service really well and decide to go into business for themselves, but they don’t know what they don’t know about running a business.

This is where Karen has focused her business, on those who want to be in business but don’t know what the right next steps should be. Along with her experience, Karen has taken several products and services that she teaches and markets to assist the small business owner in running their business in a more efficient manner than if they just jump in and start the business with no direction or systems in place.

Karen has been asked to speak and teach courses for many organizations including the Atlanta Urban League and North Metro Real Estate Investors Association. Currently, Karen is running Atlanta REIA’s Small Business Group which is designed to help real estate entrepreneurs and other small business owners run their business more efficiently and profitably.


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