What’s Happening at Tampa REIA – April 14, 2022

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Happening at Tampa REIA
Live In Person & Online Meetings
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Tampa REIA

  • Tampa REIAThursday, April 14th, 6PM – 9PM (LIVE, IN PERSON & Online via Zoom Webinar): Tampa REIA Main Monthly Meeting & Vendor Tradeshow at the DoubleTree Hotel Tampa Airport in Westshore located at 4500 W Cypress St, Tampa, FL.

    Ed MiddlebrooksJason MatthewsRichard MunroeThis month Richard Munroe, Jason Matthews and Ed Middlebrooks will be doing a panel discussion with us on The Tampa Bay Area Short-Term Rental Market. If you want to learn how to generate 2 to 3 times the monthly cash flow of a regular, long-term rental property, RSVP Now and come join us at Tampa REIA!

    Tampa Bay is one of Air BnB’s fastest growing short-term rental market and inventory cannot meet the demand. Whether you own 1, 15, or no vacation rentals currently, come join us to learn how you can cash in on this hot trend that is here to stay for the foreseeable future!

    We will be discussing…

    • The pros and cons of STRs
    • Where you can and cannot do STRs
    • How to get started in STRs or scale your existing STR business
    • How to aquire, fund and/or control STRs
    • The best source of leads for potential STRs
    • The best locations for STRs
    • How to manage your STRs
    • Where to get the STR training you need to succeed
    • Answers to your questions and much more!

    RSVP Now and Join Us at Tampa REIA to learn all about this very profitable and rewarding real estate investing niche. There are two ways you can attend our meeting…

    Tampa REIA & Atlanta REIA Members can attend at NO CHARGE. Not-Yet-Members can attend for $20. Register to attend In Person or Online.

    1. RSVP to Attend in Person at http://TREIA.us/RSVP – This link is to attend in person at the Doubletree Hotel in Westshore.

    2. RSVP to Attend Online at http://TREIA.us/Online – After you checkout using this link, be sure to immediately register for the Tampa REIA Webinar on Zoom.

    Business members can RSVP for a Vendor Table here at http://vendor.tampareia.com/.

    Rich MunroeRich Munroe, owner of Diamond Edge Properties, has been an investor and Property Manager for 21+ years with over 400 property acquisitions. Property Management in this sector is very specific. Before you contract with ANY property management firm, you will want to hear how Diamond Edge plots the course for its owner clientele.

    Jason MatthewsJason Matthews, owner of Merin Hospitality Group, has been an investor and project manager for 27+ years spanning: fix n flip, commercial construction, owner’s representation, consulting, portfolio asset management, and now 5 years of STR hosting. He is building a Tampa Bay portfolio of 100+ STR properties.

    Ed MiddlebrooksEd Middlebrooks is a new and upcoming investor with acquisitions in multiple markets and specializes in creative financing. He is the epitome of “Taking Action Now” and has dramatically grown his STR portfolio from 3 to 13 properties in less than a year using his creative financing strategies and rental arbitrage. Ed specializes in mindset, OPM, OPT, OPD and applies those strategies to STR for fast, unlimited success.

    World of BeerThursday, April 14th, 9:30PM (LIVE & IN PERSON): Late Night Networking – After the conclusion of the Tampa REIA Main Meeting, we will reconvene at the World of Beer located at 5311 Avion Park Dr, Tampa, FL for the “Meeting After the Meeting”!

  • Beginning Investors GroupDustin GriffinDustin Griffin

    Monday, April 18th @ 7PM (ONLINE WEBINAR): The Beginning Investors Group Online (BIGO) is now meeting ONLINE ONLY on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7PM on Zoom Webinar.

    Are you new to Fix and Flipping houses? If so our special guest speaker this month at BIG, Roger Blankenship, has bought and sold thousands of houses and has repaired more than 1500 of them. He’s learned a few lessons along the way and fortunately for you, he was taking notes so he could share with you some lessons he’s learned.

    On the webinar, Roger will share the “Five Things Every Fix & Flip Investor MUST Know” to be successful. If you can master these topics, you will be well on your way to the success in the real estate investing business you dream about. Roger is also going to talk about the Ten Biggest Mistakes New Fix and Flip Investors Make. Any of these mistakes can easily cost you $10-$15K.

    Roger created the Flipping America brand because he saw a huge interest in this business and watched with dismay as the hucksters took advantage of people. He is a voice of clarity, honesty, and truth, without all the hype and high pressure sales. It must have struck a chord because now more than a million people listen to his show every month.

    Come join us on the Beginning Investors Group Online Webinar to learn more about the Fix and Flip Business. RSVP Now below!

    BIG Online Webinar Registration Instructions For Members & Guests

    Come join us to learn how to get your first deal or your next deal at the Beginning Investors Group Online!

  • Onsite Renovation GroupJim MieraTuesday, April 19th @ 1PM (Live at Job Site): Onsite Renovation Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at a different job site with your host, Jim Miera. This month’s Onsite will be held at 4060 30th St N, St Petersburg 33714 with Joseph Kyser & Tony Muse. Save the date, bring your questions, bring your business cards and come join us to learn to renovate houses and network for big profits!

  • Beach REIADustin GriffinDerick OutarMark LepzinskiThursday, April 21st @ 6:30PM (LIVE in Madeira Beach): Beach REIA Investor Networking meets at Hooters Madeira Beach with your hosts Mark Lepzinski, Derick Outar & Dustin Griffin. 100 complimentary wings are available first come, first serve. Bring your deals, questions, flyers and business cards and come join us!

BNB Cookbook Live!

  • Ed Middlebrooks

    Thursday & Friday, April 28th & 29th, 9AM-5PM (In-Person & Online Workshop): The BNB Cookbook Live! is a 2 day Live, In-Person (and Online) Workshop with Ed Middlebrooks that takes place at his lakefront estate at 16617 Ivy Lake Dr, Odessa, FL. RSVP Now!

    This is the training you’ve been waiting for! The in-person 2-Day live intensive STR Bootcamp is designed to get you to cultivate the habits of an extraordinarily successful and motivated real estate entrepreneur.

    We are going to focus on mindset, getting your first deal quickly, how to fund the property without banks, credit, or your own money. We are going to teach you the fundamental elements you need to grow, scale, and automate your successful short term rental business like no other.

    Whether this is your first deal, or you already have a portfolio and want to learn to recoup your time and unlock the secret to getting your portfolio growing at a rapid pace, this is the bootcamp for you! Doors open at 8 am for light refreshments and networking. Lunch will be provided.

    Tampa REIA & Atlanta REIA Members save $100 off tuition. RSVP Now! Please choose if you want to attend In-Person or Online during checkout.

Short-Term Rental Investing 301 Online Workshop

  • Short-Term Rentals 101Richard Munroe

    Saturday, April 30th, 9AM-1PM (ONLINE WORKSHOP): Short-Term Rentals 301 Online Workshop is a half day Online Workshop with Richard Munroe for those of you whom have one, two or more listings and are looking to grow and scale your short-term rental business. RSVP Now!

    Rich will pick up where the STR 201 Workshop left off and teach you about…

    • Scaling your Short-Term Rental Business
    • Channel Management
    • Price Optimization Tools
    • Guest Verification
    • Electronic Lock Integration
    • Guidebook Tools
    • Insurance Options
    • Funding/Financing Options
    • Utilities Income
    • Team Communication
    • Answers to your questions and more!

     If you did not attend the two prerequisite workshops (STR 101 & 201), you can purchase the replays for an additional fee when you register for STR 301 at http://reia.us/str3.

    During the early registration period, Atlanta REIA and Tampa REIA Members can attend for $299 and Non-Members can attend for $399. After early registration expires, Members can attend for $349 and Non-Members can attend for $449. Register Now & Save!

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