What’s Happening at Tampa REIA – April 4, 2022

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Happening at Tampa REIA
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Flip Chicks Online

  • Flip Chicks Online

    Monday, April 4th @ 7PM – 9PM  (ONLINE MEETING): The Real FLIP CHICKS is now meeting ONLINE ONLY on the 1st Monday of each month at 7PM on Zoom Webinar.

    Frank  YacendaThis month’s guest speaker and topic will be Frank Yacenda on Why It’s Important to Hold Real Estate Through Entities (and not in your own name). Register for the Webinar Now!

    It’s all too common that real estate investors rush into deals, holding properties in their own names. And that works fine – until a tenant, guest, or stranger falls and breaks a leg or a service supplier files a law suit. Then the importance of holding investment properties in the name of an entity – usually a limited liability company, an LLC – becomes evident. By then it’s too late, and all of the investor’s personal assets become exposed to litigation and a potential judgment.

    In his presentation, Frank Yacenda will explain why it’s important to hold investment properties in the name of an entity, what states provide the best asset protection and why, and why it’s neither rocket science, difficult, nor costly to set up entities through which you can do business.

    He’ll explain different ways of structuring entities to meet your individual asset protection goals, the potentially positive and negative tax implications of doing business through entities, and things entities can and can’t accomplish. At the end of his formal presentation Frank will answer any questions attendees have.

    Topics to be Covered in the Presentation:

    • Why invest through an entity?
    • The different kinds of entities, and which one is best for which purpose.
    • What the leading states are for registering a company, and why Wyoming is the best choice for most investors to register parent entities.
    • Why you also need to register in states where you hold investment properties, and how that is best accomplished.
    • Different ways of structuring investment entities – Good, Better, and Best asset protection.
    • Tax implications of different entities and structures.
    • Obtaining investment finance through an entity.

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    Frank Yacenda has been setting up companies – LLCs and corporations – for real estate investors for more than a dozen years. As Founder, President, and CEO of Alpha Opportunities International, Inc., he has expanded the company’s offerings to serve a broad range of business needs, focusing on those most important to real estate investors.

    His career spans more than five decades during which he has headed international business and project development companies, served as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State, has been an award-winning public relations and marketing practitioner, and a journalist. He has taught at the university level in both brick-and-mortar and online institutions in this country and abroad, and he holds a Masters degree in mass communication from the University of Florida.

    Frank is the author of a book on the ins and outs of real estate investing – Buying America the Right Way – that focuses on structuring holdings through legal entities. His broad perspective and decades of business and real estate experience enable him to serve as a guide for real estate investors at all different levels, whether just starting out or with lots of deals done.

    Emilia St JeanKelly DuncanAmanda SutherlinFlip Chicks is hosted by Amanda Sutherlin, Kelly Duncan, Emilia St Jean & Dustin Griffin.

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Short-Term Rental Investing 301 Online Workshop

  • Short-Term Rentals 101Richard Munroe

    Saturday, April 30th, 9AM-1PM (ONLINE WORKSHOP): Short-Term Rentals 301 Online Workshop is a half day Online Workshop with Richard Munroe for those of you whom have one, two or more listings and are looking to grow and scale your short-term rental business. RSVP Now!

    Rich will pick up where the STR 201 Workshop left off and teach you about…

    • Scaling your Short-Term Rental Business
    • Channel Management
    • Price Optimization Tools
    • Guest Verification
    • Electronic Lock Integration
    • Guidebook Tools
    • Insurance Options
    • Funding/Financing Options
    • Utilities Income
    • Team Communication
    • Answers to your questions and more!

     If you did not attend the two prerequisite workshops (STR 101 & 201), you can purchase the replays for an additional fee when you register for STR 301 at http://reia.us/str3.

    During the early registration period, Atlanta REIA and Tampa REIA Members can attend for $299 and Non-Members can attend for $399. After early registration expires, Members can attend for $349 and Non-Members can attend for $449. Register Now & Save!

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