What’s Happening at Tampa REIA – May 22, 2022

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Short-Term Rental Investors Group (STRONG)

  • Vacation & Short-Term Rental Investors GroupDustin GriffinDon DeRosa

    Monday, May 23rd @ 7PM (ONLINE WEBINAR) Short-Term Rental Investors Group (STRONG) meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 7PM on Zoom Webinar.

    This month's meeting for STRONG is on aquiring Short-Term Rentals Creatively with seller financing techniques such as Owner Financing, Subject-To and Split Funding. Don DeRosa will be our special guest teaching us these techniques of how you can acquire Short-Term Rentals without using your own cash or cred.

    If you want to get started acquiring Short Term Rentals, or want to acquire more, but have run out of your own personal funds, be sure to join us on Monday, May 22nd as we discover several different techniques you use not to amass more STRs of your own. RSVP Now!

    STRONG Online Webinar Registration Instructions For Members & Guests

    Come join us monthly to learn everything you need to know about the short-term rental business!

    Be sure to join our STRONG Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/strong.us.

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