51 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

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51 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers Workshop – July 2012
July in Tampa, Charleston & Atlanta with Robert Woodruff

Robert WoodruffIf you want to know how real estate investors find the best deals, this is your chance. At this live event in Atlanta, Tampa or Charleston, Robert Woodruff will teach you how to find the absolute best deals on Real Estate Investments. Robert has been investing for over 15 years and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing out different marketing strategies promoted by the best in real estate. After years of trial and error, he has created an event for investors to learn the top 51 ways to find motivated sellers.

Robert is the President of the Charleston Real Estate Investors Association, national speaker and author of “How to Find Killer Deals” and “The Keys to Cash Flow”, member of the National Real Estate Investors Association and the Global Information Network. Robert’s specialty is teaching investors how to find single family houses, commercial buildings, mobile homes, and mobile home parks and acquire these properties with little to no money or credit.

At this one day live event, Robert will show you 51 Ways to find motivated sellers and share with you successful and unsuccessful marketing that he used to build his real estate empire.

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You Will learn…

  • How to locate and identify motivated sellers
  • Marketing strategies that cost pennies on the dollar and guaranteed to make your phone ring off the hook
  • How to talk to a motivated seller and find out what information you need from them
  • Where to find distressed properties, determine how to deal with any issues and how to discover whether this property is right for you
  • Negotiate a lower purchase price, over the phone, without ever seeing the property
  • Scripting needed to talk to a motivated seller and how to get the information you need out of them

This one day live event will reveal real estate investing secrets that have proven, over and over again, to be successful in finding, funding and increasing your real estate portfolio. Remove barriers to your success now… Invent a new mindset for financial security and prosperity for your future. Learn how to plant seeds today and start reaping success tomorrow!


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