Driving For Dollars Workshop & Field Trip on October 12, 2019

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Sat, October 12th in Tampa, FL
Driving For Dollars
A Full Day Workshop & Field Trip
with Don DeRosa & Dustin Griffin
Saturday, October 12th, 8AM-6PM
Ramada Tampa Westshore
1200 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL

Don DeRosaAre you tired of waiting for deals to fall in your lap? When you drive neighborhoods looking for properties, do you know what to look for? Do you feel like you waste a lot of time driving and not getting anything accomplished? Does the thought of talking with Sellers face-to-face make you nervous? Do you avoid knocking on doors because you’re afraid you don’t know what to say when someone comes to the door?

These are all very common fears that many beginning investors face when seeking out their first few deals. Learning how to deal with these issues early on can make the difference between your success and failure.

Dustin GriffinIf you would like to overcome common challenges such as these, please be sure to join Don DeRosa and Dustin Griffin for this full day Driving for Dollars Workshop & Field Trip on Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 8AM-6PM at the Ramada Tampa Westshore at 1200 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL where you will learn “hands-on” in the class and in the field…

Driving for Dollars

  • How to market your business correctly
  • How to find dozens of properties every time you leave the house
  • What things you must have with you at all times
  • What software is critical for your success
  • What to look for when out and about looking for opportunities
  • How to track down and find the owners of vacant properties
  • How to put a follow up system in place to track every prospect

Door Knocking & Talking with Sellers Face to Face

  • How to overcome your fear of talking to sellers
  • What scripts to use for practicing talking to sellers
  • How to ensure you get invited in the house
  • What marketing material you need to have with you
  • How to handle objections without knowing all the answers
  • What marketing to leave behind if the owner isn’t home
  • All this and more…

For the field trip, you will be paired up with another classmate and literally go into the field and drive for dollars, door knock and talk to live sellers as well as seeking out and finding vacant properties. If you follow our instructions, you will likely finish the day with several very hot leads.

If talking with sellers is a challenge for you, then you DO NOT want to miss out on this NEW TRAINING EVENT we created just for YOU!

There will be lots of hands-on practical applications in this event unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen before. We will immerse you in the real estate investor experience so that you will quickly learn the skills you need to give you the confidence to talk with Sellers like a seasoned PRO.

This event will sell out. RSVP Now to Save Your Spot!

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*PLEASE NOTE: Tuition price will increase by $20 per person after Early Registration Expires. RSVP Now & Save $20!

Workshop & Field Trip Schedule*

  • 07:30AM – Registration & Check-in
  • 08:00AM – Workshop Begins
  • 11:00AM – Driving for Dollars Field Trip Begins at (You Determine Your Area)
  • 04:00PM – Workshop Resumes
  • 06:00PM – Workshop Concludes (We may go past 6PM if we have lots of potential deals to review)

*Please Note: Schedule and location subject to change

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