Peter Fortunato & John Schaub’s Booms, Busts and Beyond Seminar

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Sat & Sun, May 17th & 18th @ 9:00 AM in Tampa, FL
Peter Fortunato & John Schaub
Booms, Busts and Beyond
Evolve or Perish

Sat & Sun, May 17 & 18 in Tampa, FL
Hilton Garden Inn Westshore, 5312 Avion Park Dr

John SchaubMarkets are heating up, but the future of the economy is still uncertain. You can’t predict the future, but you can be ready for it. Come learn strategies for building cash flow and your estate whether we have inflation, deflation or a meltdown. Peter and John survived, prospered, and helped their students make money with real estate and notes in every market since 1975. Join them and successful investors from across the country for this one time Florida presentation. Get ready for an exciting and profitable future!

  • Winning strategies to beat inflation or deflation
  • Keep your properties full and produce optimal cash flow
  • How to tell if an opportunity has potential
  • Find ways to make any deal without going to a bank
  • Invest to fund the lifestyle that you want
  • Create cash flow for today and growth for tomorrow
  • Achieve balance in your investing and in your life
  • Learn how to put together nearly any deal
  • Acquire and create safe notes to increase your cash flow
  • Exchanging notes for houses
  • Get rid of properties that are trouble
  • Get your best properties free and clear and safe
  • Use trusts to protect family assets and to avoid probate
  • The coming death of 1031 exchanging?
  • The Dodd Frank Law – How to buy and sell now

Early Registration Discount: Ends May 9 – $495 for one or $795 for two registered together.
Regular Seminar fee: $595 or $895 for two registering together.
Class Time 9-5 both days. Networking and brainstorming session Saturday after class. Includes class book containing case studies and documentation of deals

Register Now for Peter & John’s
Booms, Busts & Beyond Seminar

Tampa REIA Members & Guests can RSVP for $495 through May 9th.


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