REACT Workshop – March 15, 2014

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Sat, Mar 15th at 8:30 AM @ Doubletree Suites Tampa Bay

Tampa REIA Presents:
The REACT Workshop
A Full Day Workshop with Jon & Stephanie Iannotti
On March 15th from 8:30AM – 5PM
at the Doubletree Suites Tampa Bay

Jon & Stephanie IannottiIs REACT Worth Your Time and Effort? OK, so if you have no competition, unlimited leads, and qualified, cash, and credit challenged buyers with money down, how can you lose?

If you made just $5,000 per deal and did one deal per month, would that change your life?

What if you did one deal per week?

         4 Deals x $5,000 = $20,000!

What if you made an average of $10,000/Deal?

         4 Deals x $10,000 = $40,000!

I think you can see where we are going with this. We know of one person we coached that is doing 3-4 Deals per week with an average of $12,500 per Deal!

Back in 2007 when the Real Estate market was crashing is when this and another concept called “ACTS” was created by Steph and I. We had to find something that worked. So these techniques were born out of necessity.

None of the techniques we had been taught and used for years were working. They all dried up overnight. So we went back to basics… options, lease/options with a new twist.

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The beauty of REACT is that it will work in a down market, an up market, and a sideways market. REACT works with no money, no credit. Motivated Sellers are an option, not a necessity… Think about that one! So, if you want an unlimited supply of leads, where every one of them WANTS to sell, you do not want to miss this Workshop.

REACT is the latest and greatest technique to hit Real Estate Investing in decades. Now we will tell you this, you have to be taught and you have to do it correctly. This is why you have to come to the workshop and get this training.

Once you learn REACT, you can take the housing market by storm. Together we can correct the down turn that the government can’t.

It’s time to REACT!!!!

See you at the Event!

Jon & Stephanie Iannotti
“The Iannotti’s”, The Cruise Control Couple


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