Special Message from Robyn Thompson on Vacation Rental Bonus Session for Her Rehab Workshop

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A special message from Tampa REIA and Robyn Thompson about the upcoming:

Rehab & Vacation Rental Workshop in Tampa on Saturday March 23, 2019

Register at: http://treia.us/w3p

Dear Real Estate Investor,

I, Robyn Thompson, will be teaching an all day workshop this coming Saturday for Tampa REIA at the Doubletree Suites Tampa Bay, 3050 North Rocky Point Dr West, Tampa, FL from 9AM to 5PM with a BONUS Session from 5:30PM to 8PM.

The all day class from 9:00am to 5:00pm will focus on rehabbing houses.

Here is the list of topics I will be teaching:

  • Where to Find Properties to Rehab for Huge Profit
  • The 9 Types of Houses to Never Buy
  • The Rehab Process
  • Locating and Hiring the Best Contractors to Get the Job Done
  • Prescreening & Controlling The 8 Contractors on A Dream Team
  • How to Build a Strong Independent Contractors Agreement to Protect Your Money
  • The 3 Critical Steps to Selling Houses
  • The 21 Critical “WOW” Factors to Make the Home Sell
  • How to Prescreen Buyers in 4 Minutes to Make Sure They Qualify for a Loan

Now for the HUGE BONUS for you! Dustin heard that I have been doing extremely well with my 7 vacation rentals. He asked me to stay late and do a 2.5 hour training from 5:30PM to 8:00PM about vacation rentals such as VRBO, Homeaway, AirBnB, etc and I agreed. I will be teaching how I have made $118,753 since the beginning of
January 2019 from nightly Vacation Rentals.

I will teach you…

  • Where the best place is to buy them
  • How to furnish them
  • How to get them booked by using your phone
  • The marketing strategies to get them booked more than your competition
  • How to find a great cleaning team so you won’t have to do touch the properties
  • And much more!

The amazing thing with vacation rentals is they make 3 times the cash flow of a monthly rental.

To get signed up for this all day workshop on Saturday March 23rd, 2019 for only $19 to $69 per person depending on your Tampa REIA Membership status, go to: http://treia.us/w3p

I hope to see you there!


Robyn Thompson
The Queen of Rehab


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