Peter Fortunato’s One Step Beyond Class on Sept 14-15 in Tampa

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Sat & Sun, Sept 14th & 15th @ 9:00 AM in Tampa, FL
Peter Fortunato’s
One Step Beyond Class

Sat & Sun, Sept 14th & 15th in Tampa, FL

Peter FortunatoTampa REIA is very excited to announce Peter Fortunato is having his 2 day One Step Beyond Class in Tampa, FL on September 14th and 15th. We are also excited to announce that Peter and Bill Cook will be speaking at our Tampa REIA Main Meeting on Thursday, September 12th about many intermediate and advanced real estate investing strategies similar to those Pete will be teaching at the One Step Beyond Class.

For those of you that don’t know Peter, he is one of the greatest creative real estate investing minds in the country. Peter teaches creative real estate investing ideas, techniques and strategies that are truly unlike all other real estate trainers. What he teaches will allow anyone to quickly build an income stream from real estate assets and allow them to become financially independent by purchasing well selected real estate that will income for many years to come.

Peter has made our Tampa REIA members and friends a very special offer for those who would like to attend his upcoming class at the unbelievable price of $350 per person (regularly $450). All you have to do is fill out the One Step Beyond Class Registration Form and fax it back to Peter at 978-922-6759 or call him at 727-397-1906 to secure your spot. If you call, be sure to mention the special code “TampaREIA > $350” per person found at the bottom right corner of the form to receive your discount.

Peter has generously offered this special price to help those who want to get the real estate investing education they need to be successful. You just can’t beat this great offer! Peter is the “Best of the Best” when it comes to creative real estate investing, so be sure not to miss out on this absolutely life changing opportunity.

If you wish to attend, please fill out the
One Step Beyond Class Registration
and get it back to Peter ASAP!

Peter will present two days of lecture and of discussion, with case studies, regarding why and how to acquire benefits using real estate. Questions and debate are highly encouraged!

Peter clearly and patiently describes cases including:

  • Using What You WANT, to Get what You Need, to Get What You Want.
  • Using What You HAVE, to Get What You Need, To Get What You Want!
  • Recognizing, Inviting & Utilizing Catalysts
  • Options & Other Contracts
  • Equity Participation Lending and Investing
  • Borrowing with Real Estate
  • Deferring Taxes via Installment Sales
  • Exchanging and Definancing
  • Buying Partials & Controlling the Whole Note
  • Sandwich Leasing for Cash Flow and Yield
  • Multiple Notes to Reduce Discounts
  • Seller Financing ≠ a Loan
  • I Have No Other Collateral
  • Buying Paper with Real Estate
  • Acquisitions without Interest
  • Preserving Installment Sales
  • Sale and Option Back
  • Less Management & Less Risk
  • Exchanges as Equity Financing
  • Options as Down Payments

The One Step Beyond documents includes:

  • Deed Reserving Remainder Interest
  • Option Agreement
  • Contract for the Purchase of Real Estate
  • Purchase Money Mortgage
  • Seller Financed Note – Nonrecourse
  • Mortgage to Secure Option
  • Contract for the Sale of Real Estate
  • Equity Participation Loan Note
  • Substitution of Collateral Agreement
  • Real Exchanging
  • Agreement for Deed – Lease Option Style
  • Satisfaction of Mortgage
  • Exclusive Right to Purchase Note
  • Lease with Right to Sublease
If you wish to attend, please fill out the
One Step Beyond Class Registration
and get it back to Peter ASAP!

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