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Dustin GriffinOn September 6, 2013, Dustin Griffin kicked off the 101+ Ways to Generate Motivated Buyer & Seller Leads Online Workshop to teach you many of the 800 Pound Guerilla Marketing Strategies and Techniques he and other successful investors use to generate all the buyer and seller leads they can handle on a low budget and how you can too. For your convenience, this class is being offered online in 4 parts starting on Sept 6th with the other 3 parts taking place on Sept 13, 20 and 27.

In Session #1, Dustin gave a detailed overview of the marketing process and covered “How to Market Your Real Estate Investing Business in 7 Easy Steps”. The purpose of this session was to teach attendees how to design a marketing plan to generate all the buyer and seller leads they desire, based on their own budget and short term and long term financial goals.

If you registered for this Online Workshop, you can login and watch the Workshop Replay below as well as see the class outline and download the Workshop Workbook, Worksheets and other Class Handouts. Read More→