If You Don’t REACT To The Real Estate Market, You Won’t Last In This Business!

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Since buying our first property back in 1978, we have seen many changes in the Real Estate market. As you know, Real Estate is very cyclical. Markets come and go and believe it or not, come again.

We used Options, Lease/Options, Rehabs, Private Money back then, in the 80’s, 90’s, and since then. Sometimes these techniques can be used in the same cycles, and sometimes only a few will work.

When the market changed back in 2006 and it turned down, a new cycle began…again.

In a matter of about 10 days we saw about 13 exit strategies disappear right in front of our eyes. Market values plunged. Sellers still wanted pre-2006 pricing. Our six figure per month income just about dried up. What do you do?

Well, you adjust to the market and find what works now or your business dies!

So we started doing Short Sales. We had been doing short sales for years, way before most people even knew the term short sale.

We did hundreds of short sales. The only problem was that we could not help all home owners who needed a short sale. Plus as you probably know, short sales are anything but short.

We are not Investors who are in it just for the money. We actually want to help people, we want everyone to win…Sellers and Buyers as well as us. It’s got to be WIN-WIN-WIN!

So while we were working those short sales, we thought, ‘what else can we do to help’?

That is when we created and started doing ACT (Assigning Contract Terms) Deals. What we found out was it started to work and work very well. We were getting price and or terms for about 5 years.

Then the market started to change again. Short Sales were either drying up or the lenders were only discounting to market value. Sellers were starting to WANT to sell instead on NEEDING to sell. So we had to change again…..

Options and Lease/Options were not working very well again. Sellers were wanting full retail or more and cash……

Well about 3 years ago, we started to REACT (Reverse Engineer Assignment of Contract Terms).

This technique will “Turn Your Investing Career Upside Down”. It is totally opposite from what we have been taught over the years, but wait until you see how it works!

We withstood the pressure to ‘Create a Product’ for over 10 years, till now. We have watched others come and go and sell their products to thousands.

We cannot stand to watch people buy products that while the techniques work at some point in the market cycles, they will not work very well right NOW for the masses!

So we again had to REACT!

It’s our Goal to show Real Estate Investors that there is a way to help practically every seller that has a home for sale and does not have it listed with a Realtor. We are more interested in helping people with their investing careers with information that works TODAY than techniques that sometimes work in different cycles.

With the advent of REACT, we now have the single best technique that is working TODAY!

We have people using REACT and doing 2-4 deals per week and making an average of $12,500 per deal!

So again, we have a technique that with NO MONEY OR CREDIT, you can be a Real Estate Investor and do as many deals as you want and make as much as you want!

You have to take the time to make the investment in your education and business to learn REACT.

You will love this technique! It will eliminate your competition!

We will show you how to work with Realtors and Agents.

Don’t throw those non-motivated leads away!!!

We will show you how to turn EVERY lead into an agreement and possible deal.

REACT will enable you to help not only Sellers, but Buyers and along the way you make money for what you know. Remember WIN-WIN-WIN!

That is the way it should be!

So come and learn this powerful technique and let’s go out and single handedly turn this Housing Downturn around since the Government can’t.

The time has come for all of us to REACT!!!

You can learn more about us and REACT at Tampa REIA on Thursday, March 13th and again for a special, full day REACT Workshop with Tampa REIA on Saturday, March 15th.

We look forward to seeing you and meeting you at the Meeting and Workshop!

Jon & Stephanie Iannotti

“The Cruise Control Couple”

Jon & Stephanie IannottiJon & Stephanie Iannotti, with over 30 years combined experience in Real Estate Investing/Teaching, and Mentoring and over 1500 creative deals under their belts, are considered one of the best in the industry. They have also come up with some amazing ways to structure deals that are cutting edge and they have done many deals with their student partners using these state of the art techniques which are now being taught across the country and internationally.


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