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Jay ConnerI’ve been known to say that “Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous,” and I feel like my life, and my career is proof of that! You may not know it, but I moonlight as a world famous composer. I started writing music at 17, and while I didn’t put out my first album until 1997, it’s always been a passion for me. Back in the day, my grand piano came all the way from Texas to North Carolina in the front of my 72 x 14 single wide—it never left my side.

Getting back to the world famous part, my big break came in a little known movie, an Alan Smithee Film, “Burn, Hollywood, Burn”. While the show itself wasn’t a favorite, my music was! Right after the movie came out, my family and I went on a vacation to California. I’ll never forget my wife pulling me out of the shower one morning in Palm Springs to listen to my song playing on the radio! Today, my compositions are played in stations across 22 countries, and in spite of the 8% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I still get royalties from my Hollywood days.

Music taught me to follow my passions. I knew that work should be something I could be passionate about, and when I stepped into buying and selling homes, that was exactly what I was able to do—live and work passionately. I like to think that some of my best moments, or “quantum leaps,” come from my moments of greatest adversity. Maybe their power comes from the way they force the best out of you, and I look forward to the challenges – they always bring opportunities for something new!

I think a lot of you already know a little about how I started out on the road to my business, and it was most certainly the result of quite a few ups and downs! I was born into the mobile home industry—no doubt it was where I grew up professionally through the 26 years I dedicated to it. When I look back, in spite of the never-ending hours I poured into my work, I always knew that I wanted to get into real estate as my end game. My friends who were already in the business loved it, so 12 years ago I made my first quantum leap into real estate.

Pulling out of mobile homes was a challenge in and of itself, but it only took one house to convince me it was worth every minute. I looked for the ugliest, nastiest foreclosure I could find, put $50,000 down and $50,000 into it and within a couple of months I was looking at a $30,000 profit. Granted, I was at the bank’s beck and call, but it was a leap in the right direction.

With the market crash of 2008, quantum leap number two came—private lending changed my business, and my world. Ron LeGrand’s mentorship helped me take things further than I ever thought possible, and when I had gotten things down to a science, I introduced my business automation strategies which marked leap number three.

Sharing my success made all the difference, and these days, I can’t help but get excited for what we can do with each new partner. But, that’s all old hat for y’all! The new hat comes from what’s just around the corner for you and for me. I can’t wait to face the next challenge life brings my way so I can make some magic out of a new quantum coincidence!

Well, it’s no coincidence I’m speaking at The Tampa REIA’s Monthly Meeting on Thursday evening, September 11th. I’m so excited to be coming, and I thank my good friend, Dustin Griffin, for inviting me.

I have a passion for helping people transform their business by sharing my personal story of how the banks cut my lines of credit that I used to fund my real estate deals with no notice. I didn’t know at the time it was a “blessing in disguise.” Another Coincidence? I knew I had to find another and better way to fund my deals. So, in less than 90 Days I was able to raise $2,150,000 – and that’s a lot more than I had available from the banks!

So why would you want to attend the Tampa REIA Meeting on September 11th? Because I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal:

  • The Same 5 Easy Steps I Used To Attract $2,150,000 in Less Than 90 Days
  • How I’m Getting Contact Information To Over 8,000 New Private Lenders Every Month and How You Can, Too!
  • How To Get 2 Big Checks On Every Transaction – Get A Big Check When You Buy a House and Get A Big Check When You Sell The House! (In fact, I’m getting a $75,000 check at the closing table next week when I buy a house!)

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or brand new to real estate investing, don’t miss September 11th at Tampa REIA if you’re remotely interested in getting Unlimited Funding for your deals. I promise you by the end of my talk you’ll know how to never miss out on a deal because you didn’t have the money.

I look forward to seeing you and by all means, bring your family and friends.

Jay Conner
The Private Money Authority


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