Using The Right Mailing Lists to Locate Motivated Sellers

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Implementing the right list and using the right letter when creating your direct mail campaigns to locate motivated sellers is crucial to your success as a Real Estate Investor. There are lots of different ways to find these lists and lots of different types of lists to choose from.

The easiest way I suggest to locate a list to use for mailings is to simply go to your property appraiser’s office or auditor’s office and have them create it for you. There are many different parameters you can use to create these lists.

Some of the lists you could create might be directed at out of town owners, deed transfers, zip codes ranges, sale dates, estates, evictions, delinquent taxes or pre-foreclosures. These can all be good lead sources for you to use to find motivated sellers and these are lists that I use in my business on a daily basis in addition to several others. 

Sometimes these records are available on CD and sometimes they are available as a paper copy. Every county differs in how they distribute this information. I suggest going down to the property appraiser’s office and speaking with someone there directly. Do not call. You may get someone on the phone who doesn’t understand what it is you need and you will not get the lists you need. Since you will be using this list for several months to do repeat mailings, it would behoove you to get the right list the first time.

There are also mailing list services that provide this service for you and usually you can locate them online by searching mailing lists or mailing services. Just be sure that whatever list source you are using has a list that has current information. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money on lists that will net you zero results. I suggest getting a small list of around 100 pieces to send a sample mailing in order to test the list before spending a lot of money on this resource.

There are a lot of good internet resources to use to find excellent lists for finding motivated sellers using specific parameters. Once again, make sure you check the age of the list and the reliability of the company before making a long-term commitment.

Another way to find lists of motivated sellers is to go to the courthouse and check property records. One of the lists you can create is notices of default or lis pendens. These are people who are in pre-foreclosure. There are also probate and bankruptcy filings you can find at the courthouse that will provide a resource for leads.

When you invest in my Marketing Magic System I provide the letters for you to use along with resources for all the mailing lists you will ever need to create successful direct mail campaigns.

For more information on mailing lists to use in your Real Estate Investing Business check out part 2 of this article next month. In the meantime, check out my website at for all the tools you need for your Real Estate Investing business including all the resources and letters you need to create successful direct mail campaigns for your real estate investing business.

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