Five Marketing Musts

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When it comes to 800 Pound Guerilla Marketing, I have learned that the number of motivated buyer and seller leads I am able to generate only seem to be limited by the time, effort and creativity I put into the marketing process, rather than how much money I spend.

When I put in the time, effort and creativity needed to successfully market my real estate investing business, the leads come pouring in on a steady and predictable basis. When I slack up, the leads often start to dry up rather quickly.

Over the years, as I came to this realization, I created a few personal marketing rules or “marketing musts” to help keep me and my marketing efforts on track so I can consistently generate a steady stream of incoming buyer and seller leads.

I wanted to share these “Five Marketing Musts” with you in hopes they might positively influence your future marketing efforts and real estate investing success…

  1. Market Your Business Consistently. Pick at least five ways to market your business online and offline and do them consistently, over and over again, to generate all the leads you need to succeed.

    Even though there are hundreds of things you can do to generate leads and drive prospects to your 24hr voice mail system and website, you should choose at least five ways to consistently market your business and generate all the leads you need to buy, sell or lease as many homes as you want to achieve your financial goals.

    Over time, as you discover which marketing techniques work best, you can certainly change or add to these five ways, but be sure to consistently use your favorite top five ways to promote your business on a regular basis.

  2. Marketing StrategyDress to Impress. Always look your best no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, especially if you’re on the job.

    You never know who you’re going to meet or when you’ll meet them. You know the old saying… “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”… so get it right the first time.

    If you always dress to impress, you won’t have to worry about missing a money making opportunity when it presents itself because you’re nervous or embarrassed to speak to someone because of the way you’re dressed. Remember, every time you open your mouth or make an appearance, you’re marketing yourself and your business, so do it well.

  3. Carry Your Business Cards. No serious investor should ever leave home or office without a stack of business cards in his/her pocket and a box of cards in his/her car at all times… EVER!

    How many times have you been out and met someone important and wished you had remembered to bring your business cards with you? More than once I am sure. Instead of handing them a nice business card, maybe you had to scribble down your number on a cocktail napkin or text your contact information to them. Did you ever hear from them again? Maybe or maybe not.

    Many investors don’t realize how important business cards can be if used properly. Business cards are not only for giving people the ability to contact you in the future, but perhaps more importantly, business cards are often the first marketing piece your prospects receive from you and are your first opportunity to make a strong first impression upon them… positive or negative.

    Remember, your image, reputation and credibility are everything in this business! So again, make a great first impression by carrying your professional business cards with you at all times and giving them out frequently.

  4. Create a Marketing Toolbox. You should create and keep a Marketing Toolbox in your vehicle at all times and use its contents to promote your real estate investing business whenever you get a chance.

    Your toolbox should contain marketing items such as business cards, flyers, signs, postcards, magnets, sticky notes, etc. that you can use to market your business when you’re out driving for dollars or just cruising around town.

    Your toolbox should also contain other important items such as contracts, black and blue ink pens, tools, a hammer and nails, a stapler and staples, tape, a flashlights and batteries, a camera, bug spray, lock boxes and other items you frequently use in your real estate investing business.

    By having your Marketing Toolbox with you at all times, you will avoid missing many marketing opportunities when you’re out driving for dollars and looking for opportunities.

  5. Keep a Swipe File. Start a “Swipe File” which is a collection of marketing material that you gather from other companies and keep for future reference when you need inspiration for creating new marketing campaigns for your real estate investing business.

    Swipe files are a great starting point for anybody who needs to come up with new marketing ideas by seeing what other businesses have done with their own marketing material.

    Remember, you can get some good marketing material from the home owners of houses you visit or buy, since they have often been approached by many other investors, real estate agents and other companies seeking their business.

Thoughts to Ponder About Your Marketing Efforts

  1. What are 5 ways you will consistently use to market your real estate investing business each and every week?
  2. How will you dress to impress when working your real estate investing business? What will you wear? Will you wear your brand or marketing message on your clothing?
  3. Do your business cards make a good first impression with your prospects? Who will you give cards to? How often will you hand your cards out?
  4. What items will you keep in your Marketing Toolbox so that you will always be ready to promote your business when an opportunity presents itself?
  5. Where can you gather good marketing items for your swipe file? What kind of items do you currently have in your swipe file?

Challenge: Implement these “5 Marketing Musts” ASAP and strive to generate all the motivated buyer and seller leads you need to run a successful real estate investing business so you can meet your financial goals.

Dustin GriffinDustin Griffin is the Executive Director of the Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance (Tampa REIA) and the Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance (Atlanta REIA) and is also an entrepreneur, real estate investor, website developer, internet marketing enthusiast and a husband and proud father of two.

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