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Mobile landing pages are different from traditional web pages. Users of mobile devices have less patience, yet are more engaged when they find what they want.

Knowing about web landing pages and what makes them successful isn’t the same as what you need to know about mobile landing pages. The tracking method, the conversions, and the need to keep your pages up to date with the latest devices are important to the success of your marketing plan.

1st Must – Know Your Goals.

Be specific about which aspects of mobile marketing are critical to your business. Whether your priorities are downloads and apps, phone calls, redemption of mobile coupons, actual purchase rates, or the generation of further leads, know what your goals are before you get started. Read More→

Did you know you can quickly build a wholesale buyers list by having your prospects “text” to automatically join your list? Building a text message marketing list will not only prove to be easier than building an email list, but you will also have a higher chance of getting your message opened and read by your prospects. After all, about 95% of all text messages are opened and read within minutes of being sent.

People also find it is easier to simply text to a number to join your list rather than having to go online, fill out a form, check their email for a verification message and then double opt-in. It is also easier for you to market that “text to number” since it is short and easy to remember and you can place that number virtually anywhere you like!

Building a Targeted Buyer List

You can build your text message buyers list through the use of Facebook, Twitter and variety of other online and offline sources. This will give you a focused list of targeted consumers that are interested in what you have to offer!

Text them a “property of the week” or whenever you have a new property to sell or fill. Preaching to the choir is not a bad thing when it comes to text message marketing your properties, since in this case, the choir consists of those who would most likely buy or rent your properties. Read More→

Have you created a mobile friendly version of your website(s) yet? If not, why not? Your customers are not going to wait until you do. Statistics are warning us of this! With more people accessing your website/blog, Twitter posts and Facebook posts using their smartphones, they are also visiting and seeing your marketing with a smartphones as well.

If your website is not easily readable on a mobile phone, you’re in trouble since many (or most) mobile users will simply leave your site and take their business elsewhere. More than half of all users say they wouldn’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site. So even if you don’t think you need a mobile version of your site, you could, in fact, be losing customers without one.

Having a mobile friendly website, amongst other things, will render your images differently, helping on load times. Readability is also another huge concern. Your average mobile user will not want to spend much time trying to find the content that they’re interested in.

The art to designing a good mobile website is to eliminate all the content that is not all that important for users to see on a smartphone. Consider providing a clean and easy way for customers to “tap to call”, “tap to email” or “tap for directions” which will help the overall functionality and effectiveness of your website on a mobile device. Read More→

It is no wonder that the biggest marketing rage right now is the idea of having a website that is “thumb friendly”. According to Google, the mobile marketing revolution is growing 8x’s faster than the original web boom!

Of course, with any new wave, you will have your early adopters and the “it’s just a fad” naysayers. This wave is going to be bad news for the people who don’t get on it, because if you do not adapt to it now, your competition will pass you by very quickly. Some of these statistics should be frightening to any business that at the very least does not have a mobile friendly website.

  • By 2013 more people will use their mobile phones than PC’s to get online (Gartner 2012)
  • 61% of local searches on a mobile phone result in a phone call (Google 2012)
  • Smartphone Shipments Surpass PCs for First Time (PC Magazine Feb 8, 2011)
  • 44% of Facebook’s 900 million monthly users access Facebook on their phones. These people are twice as active on Facebook as non-mobile users (Facebook 2012)

Let’s look at it from a different global perspective… Of the 6.8 billion people on the planet, 4 billion of them own a mobile phone… that’s almost 60%! Consider globally, that there only slightly over 1.4 billion television sets.  Of those 4 billion mobile phone owners, 1 billion of them own a smartphone. That is 15% of the world’s population owning a smartphone, making them completely “mobile ready”. Read More→