Five Musts for Optimizing Mobile Landing Pages

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Mobile landing pages are different from traditional web pages. Users of mobile devices have less patience, yet are more engaged when they find what they want.

Knowing about web landing pages and what makes them successful isn’t the same as what you need to know about mobile landing pages. The tracking method, the conversions, and the need to keep your pages up to date with the latest devices are important to the success of your marketing plan.

1st Must – Know Your Goals.

Be specific about which aspects of mobile marketing are critical to your business. Whether your priorities are downloads and apps, phone calls, redemption of mobile coupons, actual purchase rates, or the generation of further leads, know what your goals are before you get started.

2nd Must – Instant Gratification

Keep in mind that those who use mobile devices are accustomed to instant gratification. They like to go quickly to their target, find what they are looking for, and want to immediately get information or order a product they wish to have. It must be lightning fast, so build your apps and landing pages accordingly. Today’s mobile users won’t spend but a split second waiting for their device to load. If it doesn’t they’re on to the next item. The ‘back’ button, in fact, may be the one that wears out first.

3rd Must – Analytics

Have your metrics in place for accurate measurement of responses. This is how you will determine the effectiveness of your current marketing campaign. If it isn’t working well, you can move on to something that does. The only way to know for sure is to have accurate analytics based on user activity. Track things like the redemption of coupons, follow up phone calls, and click-through’s to the desired landing pages.

4th Must – Keep It Simple

Use the KISS principle here. Website marketing uses forms for visitors to fill out that ask for all sorts of contact information. This doesn’t work well with mobile device users. A good page will ask the user to input his email address or perhaps his phone number. Simple screens with few words and few needed actions are best.

5th Must – Call to Actions

Keep the wording on your mobile landing pages short and to the point. Concise is best. Your headlines should be kept to a few words. Three to five words is best. Give a directive in exchange for a reward. For example, offer a percentage off your product in exchange for their email address. Offer a free gift for those who ‘call now.’ Prompting them to action is your aim. Keep it easy and quick and make sure your platform is current.

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