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Robert WoodruffEver wondered how millionaire investors find the most profitable deals? Satisfy your curiosity and save yourself time, effort, and loads of cash by consuming these five fundamentals that millionaire marketers use to gain massive wealth & prestige.

1. Don’t get caught up in the “BIG PICTURE”

Stay focused on your marketing. One of the biggest mistakes professionals make is they start to believe that they’re only a doctor or lawyer or mechanic. They forget that their number-one responsibility is marketing. Without marketing, there are no patients to see, clients to advise, or cars to work on. Smart business owners know how to market their product or service and are successful at doing it. You must constantly market your business if you wish to be successful. Constant marketing of your business is how you find the best deals.

To begin marketing you must first identify all the various methods to market in your area, how much they cost, and whether they even work. Learning what methods not only work, but are most cost effective can cost you thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars through trial and error. Read More→