How Millionaire Investors find the Best Deals

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Robert WoodruffEver wondered how millionaire investors find the most profitable deals? Satisfy your curiosity and save yourself time, effort, and loads of cash by consuming these five fundamentals that millionaire marketers use to gain massive wealth & prestige.

1. Don’t get caught up in the “BIG PICTURE”

Stay focused on your marketing. One of the biggest mistakes professionals make is they start to believe that they’re only a doctor or lawyer or mechanic. They forget that their number-one responsibility is marketing. Without marketing, there are no patients to see, clients to advise, or cars to work on. Smart business owners know how to market their product or service and are successful at doing it. You must constantly market your business if you wish to be successful. Constant marketing of your business is how you find the best deals.

To begin marketing you must first identify all the various methods to market in your area, how much they cost, and whether they even work. Learning what methods not only work, but are most cost effective can cost you thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars through trial and error.

2. Identify Your Budget

How much money and resources are you willing to leverage? Are you brand new to investing with little to no money? If so, your choices may be limited to those methods that cost very little. If you have a decent marketing budget, you will have more choices & can create a larger marketing presence in your community. The more experienced and successful you become at marketing, the larger your budget will become thus giving you more freedom thru choices.

3. Create a Marketing Battle Plan

After identifying all the different various different ways to market that fit your budget, create a marketing battle plan. A beginning investor’s battle plan should consist of at least 5 different forms of marketing. While choosing these five different marketing strategies, a couple questions to consider are:

  • What type of response rate can I expect for the investment associated with this marketing method?
  • Do I have enough time & energy to complete the weekly tasks that are associated with this form of marketing?

Wouldn’t you like to know which marketing methods leading millionaire investors use? Marketing methods that will have sellers crawling over broken glass to sell you there home?

4. Create a Pipeline and keep it full.

Being an effective marketer is like being an oil baron managing a pipeline. The pipe must constantly be filled and pumped from the back side for the oil to flow out the front. If you stop pumping the oil into the pipe in Alaska, the pipe here won’t deliver any oil. What this means is that you must continually market your business “pump the oil” in order for the final product to flow out the front. The final product from an investors marketing battle plan is an overabundance of highly profitable real estate deals.

5. Marketing is a Numbers Game

Marketing and advertising to find great real estate deals is simply a matter of numbers. The more you market, the more deals you will find. The odds are, you may have to sift through a few bad apples before you find a few good ones. Finding great deals is simply a numbers game & persistence is the name of the game.

Thank you for embracing what has taken me nearly 2 decades to figure out… predictably moving a seller I’ve never seen before to selling me their home or literally pay me to take it.

Now all you need to learn is the most highly effective low-cost marketing methods. I’m willing to share those methods with you at my next big upcoming event.

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Robert WoodruffRobert Woodruff has been investing in real estate for over 15 years, is the President of the Charleston SC Real Estate Investors Association (Charleston REIA), and a national speaker, and author of several training programs for. Robert loves to teach people how to make money investing by showing them how to quickly and easily identify opportunities in the real estate and personal property markets.


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