FREE Online Lead Finder Software Version from Duncan Wierman

Posted on April 29, 2013 by

Online Lead Finder SoftwareI just wanted to let you know that Duncan Wierman just sent me an updated copy of his Online Lead Finder Software Version. As of today, 4/29/2013 he is up to version since he is always working to improve the software. With this latest update he fixed a major bug with Craigslist and Yahoo Answer Search.

PLEASE NOTE: If you already installed any previous versions of Online Lead Finder, be sure to UNINSTALL it before installing this new version.

If you are an Tampa REIA Member you can download the software for free by logging in to the Tampa REIA Members Only Website and then navigating to the Members Only Downloads & Bonuses page where Duncan’s Online Lead Finder Software is listed 2nd in the list of available member downloads.

If you are a Gold Member, there will be instructions in the ReadMe.txt file in the software download telling you how to activate the Unlimited Gold Edition at NO CHARGE ($a $500 value!).

I hope you all enjoy this lead generating software. Duncan, thank you again for this amazing software!


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