Learn to Scale Your Wholesaling Business at Tampa REIA with Joe Dillon

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to Renovations at the hotel where we normally meet, this month we are meeting at the Ramada Tampa Westshore.
Thurs, October 10th at 5PM @ Ramada Tampa Westshore
Tampa REIA Meeting & Vendor Trade Show – October 10th
at the Ramada Tampa Westshore
Advanced Wholesaling
How to Structure a 7-Figure Wholesaling Operation to Generate Massive Amounts of Leads & Consistent Deal Flow!
with Joe Dillon

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Tampa REIA Members Can Attend for no charge.
Guests Can RSVP Online Now for $15 or Pay $20 at the Door.

Joe DillonPlease join us at Tampa REIA Main Meeting on Thursday, October 10th from 5PM to 9PM at the Ramada Tampa Westshore located at 1200 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL where our special guest speaker will be Joe Dillon who will be talking about Advanced Wholesaling Strategies on “How to Structure a 7-Figure Wholesaling Operation to Generate Massive Amounts of Leads & Have Consistent Deal Flow!”

Let’s face it. The wholesaling business isn’t as easy as we thought it would be, especially in a competitive market like Tampa Bay. However, we all want that freedom that a truly automated real estate business can can give us, so what do we do?

In Joe’s presentation, he’s going to cover how to structure your Real Estate Company so that you can build a business that runs without you and be well on your way to earning 7 figures like you’ve always dreamed.

Joe says “The first thing we’ll go over are the different stages of scaling your business. There are different actions you need to take at certain points of scaling your business. We’re going to cover what these stages are, how to know when to go to the next stage, as well as common roadblocks you’ll encounter at each stage.”

We’ll dive into the 3 departments of a Wholesaling business: Marketing, Acquisitions, and Dispositions. We’ll cover the key processes you need to implement within these departments to have an optimized operation. You should have a sophisticated Marketing plan every month so you can generate a ton of leads at low cost.

Next, you need to convert as many of those leads as possible into contracts, so we’ll cover ninja Sales tactics to close more deals and lead management to manage your leads better than ever.

Lastly, once you have more contracts I’ll teach you Dispositions hacks so you can increase your average deal size by 20-30%.”

RSVP NOW and you’ll leave the meeting with a ton of golden nuggets to implement and a well-rounded vision for your New Advanced, Automated Wholesaling Business!

RSVP NOW and join us at Thursday, October 10th at Tampa REIA from 5PM to 9PM at the Ramada Tampa Westshore located at 1200 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL! We look forward to seeing you there!

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As always, Tampa REIA Members can attend our Tampa REIA Main Meeting event at no charge and Non-Members can Register Online for $15 or pay $20 at the door. Be sure to bring your business cards and flyers and join us for an evening of real estate deals, vendors, networking, education and fun! See you there!

Joe DillonJoe Dillon is a Real Estate Wholesaling expert and Coach, whose superpower is to take existing and experienced investors doing 0 to 3 deals a month, and help them explode to 5 to 10 deals a month. Joe built a multi-million dollar wholesaling firm that was operating in 5 different markets and now has the best program in the industry for scaling. His genius lies in his ability to systematize, structure, and process out this Real Estate acquisitions business and he’s passionate about helping the right people elevate. His program was built to help investors solve the issue of deal flow inconsistency.

What separates Joe from others in the industry is that he holds absolutely nothing back, has the ability to truly break down the business in a simple to understand way, gives you all the tools you would need to succeed, and truly cares about the success of his clients. Lastly, Joe is passionate about helping people not only become financially wealthy, but have incredible success and peace in every area of their personal lives.

*Meeting Agenda
5:00 PM: Meeting-Before-the-Meeting with Don DeRosa on Selling Houses Fast
6:00 PM: Tampa REIA Main Meeting, Vendor Tradeshow & Networking
6:15 PM: Announcements, Introductions, Haves & Wants
7:30 PM: Feature Presentation with on Options with Joe Dillon
9:05 PM: Door Prizes & Giveaways for Tampa REIA Members
9:30 PM: Late Night Networking at World of Beers in Westshore

*Please Note: Meeting agenda is subject to change.

5:00 PM in the Main Meeting Room
Meeting Before the Meeting
The High Tech Home Buyers Creative Deal Makers Subgroup
How to Sell Houses Fast for Top Dollar in Any Market
with Don DeRosa

Don DeRosaJoin Don DeRosa every month at 5PM SHARP at our Meeting-Before-the-Meeting that we like to call the High Tech Home Buying Creative Deal Structuring Subgroup one hour BEFORE the Tampa REIA Main Monthly Event.

This month, Don will be focusing on “How to Sell Houses Fast for Top Dollar in Any Market”. He’s going to talk about what works in a Sellers Market vs a Buyers Market. He’s gonna talk about what works in a HOT Market vs a SLOW Market or an Up or Down Economy. RSVP Now and don’t miss it!

Don says “To be successful in real estate there are two things… You need to be good at Buying right and Selling Fast. A lot of real estate investors spend most of their time focused on buying strategies and how to buy right, but they fall short when showing you how to sell quickly.

On Thursday, I am going to show you the 9 reasons don’t sell and how to avoid them. I am also going to discuss how important it is to market properly to get maximum profit. I will also show you what you need to know about selling houses fast especially in a declining market.

Don will show you:

  • The nine reason houses don’t sell
  • How to pick the best agent to help sell your houses
  • What marketing is most successful in a declining market
  • What are alternative ways to profit if your house doesn’t sell the traditional way

Each month, Don will teach you about different real estsate investing purchase and sale strategies to put more money in your pocket as as well as state-of-the-art tools and techniques you’ll use to evaluate deals and figure out how to make them work. You’ll learn to work less and earn more so you can spend more time where you want, when you want and with whom you want. Come join us and learn to take your real estate investing business to the next level!

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5:00 PM in Hotel Lobby or Hallway
Monthly Vendor Trade Show

Auction.comAt 5:00 PM in the Main Lobby, we have a Vendor Trade Show that lasts throughout the meeting where you can come out and meet many of our participating Business Members and Vendor Guests who help sponsor our meeting. See a full list of our vendors and sponsors below as they are added.

Vendor tables are limited, so any vendors wanting to reserve a table for the meeting can RSVP for a Vendor Table here. Vendor tables are reserved and setup on a first-come, first-serve basis.

6:20 PM in the Main Meeting Room
What’s Happening at Tampa REIA

Dustin GriffinStarting at 6:20 PM, Dustin Griffin kicks off the Tampa REIA Main Monthly Event with updates and announcements. Dustin covers what’s happening at Tampa REIA in the upcoming weeks and months such as upcoming workshops, webcasts, special events, members benefits and much more!

6:30 PM in the Main Meeting Room
Haves & Wants Marketing Session

At approximately 6:30 PM, we will be having the Haves & Wants Speed Marketing Session which gives our members the opportunity to quickly market deals they HAVE and to find deals they WANT. We also give our business members the opportunity to get up and say a few words about their businesses. Members who want to participate in the Haves & Wants Marketing Session must bring your flyers and get to the meeting early to get on our list of participants.

9:05 PM @ Door Prizes & Giveaways

Door Prizes and GiveawaysDoor Prizes & Giveaways!*
All members who check in and attend the Tampa REIA Meeting will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win several Flat Screen LED TVs, a variety of Gift Cards (such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Amazon, etc), Flashlights, Phone Chargers and all sorts of other miscellaneous items that vary from meeting to meeting each month. *You must be present and in the room during the drawing to win. Door prizes and giveaways can change at any time for any reason. Non-Members and Vendors are not eligible to win.

9:30 PM: Late Night Networking at World of Beer
Late Nite Networking at World of Beer

World of BeerAfter the conclusion of the Tampa REIA Main Meeting (around 9:30PM), we will be reconvening at World of Beer located at 5311 Avion Park Dr across from the airport in Tampa Westshore for the “Meeting after the Meeting” with Tampa REIA Crew. Come eat, drink, network and have fun with us as hang out late into the night on Tampa Bay!

Participating Meeting Vendors & Sponsors
Diamond Members & Sponsors

New Western AcquisitionsNew Western Acquisitions – An Investment Real Estate Brokerage whose primary focus is to provide discounted property to real estate investors. New Western provides discounted off market properties, in house financing, access to local contractors, and resources for any exit strategy. Read More>>

FynancFynanc – Learn “Financial Shortcuts” and create “Financial Happiness”. Create a lifestyle where your personal finance system supports the experiences, relationships, and impact that make you happy. Read More>>


Platinum Members & Sponsors

American IRAAmerican IRA – The American IRA mission is to provide the highest level of customer service in the self-directed retirement industry. Checkout our profile page and feel free to contact us for all of your IRA questions and needs. Read More>>

Trade Show Vendors
Reserve a Vendor Table Here

Foreclosures & Probates DailyForeclosures & Probates Daily – We are a nationwide lead provider for Investors, Realtors and Attorneys. We provide leads to suit your real estate needs such as Probates, Pre Probates, Inheritance, Lis Pendens, Auctions, Absentee Owners, Tax lates and Cash Buyers just to name a few. Read More>>

EquityPro Tampa BayEquityPro Tampa Bay – A real estate brokerage specializing in investment real estate. Our primary focus is to help you identify properties that get you closer to your investment goals. Whether you’re looking for rental properties, flips, just starting out or have multiple properties, we can help. Read More →

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